Photos from Professor Wagner's Impressive Bike Journey


In March of 2008, Associate Professor of Law Markus Wagner embarked on bicycle trip from the Black Forest in Germany to the Yellow Sea in China. Along the way, he raised money for charity, snapped photos and experienced different cultures found throughout Europe and Asia.

Photos from his one-man journey through 18 countries will be on sale this Saturday at the Flagler Art Space located in Downtown Miami. Proceeds will go toward the Green Mobility Network – a not-for-profit organization that promotes the daily use of public transit, bicycling, running and walking in Miami-Dade County.

For Wagner, the adventure, which lasted 262 days, was nothing short of life changing.

"What an amazing trip and exploration," Tom Blazejack said, a member of the Green Mobility Network, which is the organization hosting the event. Blazejack said it is wonderful that Wagner documented the trek through places such as Iran, Greece, Turkey, France, Macedonia and Uzbekistan. An entire room will be dedicated to Wagner's works. "Anyone who comes to the show can go on that same journey themselves."

When asked, Wager pointed out one thing that cannot be captured in his photos. "The hospitality that I received from strangers was, at times, overwhelming," he said. "People often had very little but they shared what little they possessed."

This Saturday, people may be awestruck by the fact that Wagner pedaled nearly 10,000 miles, or amazed by the images he captured along the way. But, there really is one message the South Florida Coalition board member hopes people can gain from his experience.

"Ultimately, what I would love for people to do is consider other modes of transportation as often as they consider driving in a car."