National Security and Armed Conflict Law Review


This week marks the launch of the National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review's (NSAC) groundbreaking live-action website and blog, which will be updated on a rolling basis with the latest news and law review articles.

"This is a new and ingenious way to do things, especially since our website will also focus on posting current news articles for our subscribers to focus on, along with posting blog articles with legal analysis on current topics around the world," said Editor-in-Chief Theodore H. Massey III.

The website also contains a forum for professionals, students, and legal professors to have an open dialogue about current events, fostering an active online community.

In addition to updating the NSAC website on an ongoing basis, the law review will continue to publish an annual journal. This year's symposium, set tentatively for January 2012, will tackle the legal international complexities surrounding the issue of child soldiers.

Now that the website has gone live, the Miami Law community is welcome to browse the forums and blogs. Students are also allowed to submit articles they may wish to have published on the blog. The National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review is the first hybrid law review on campus, merging new technology with traditional law review procedures.

"Dean Patricia White really supported the creation of this website, because, as we believe, this is the direction that many law reviews will head," Massey said. "As technology changes, and the way that people disseminate information changes, we should see more journals online."