The Society of Bar and Gavel Raises Money and Awareness


Given the choice, many would rather stay in bed instead of run a race on Sunday morning. But for 214 attorneys, judges, professors and students, the option was easy. They decided to run or walk in this year's Race Judicata. The 5k race, hosted by The Society of Bar and Gavel, raised $3,531 to benefit Miami Children's Hospital.

"It was a great way to get the law school involved," said Nachman Susson, president of the student organization. Susson noted that The Society of Bar and Gavel is the only honor society specifically dedicated to recognizing law students who display exemplary character and dedication to service and leadership. The race, he says was a great way to bring people together and feel good.

Shortly after the 9 a.m. registration time, the runners were off. The route began at law school parking lot. A string of participants trailed down San Amaro Drive, towards Ponce De Leon Boulevard and the Bank United Center, up and around Stanford Drive and looped back to the law school. To put that into perspective, the University has two shuttle lines dedicated to these paths.

"I felt that this was the ideal community service event, one that feeds the mind, body and soul," Toam Rubinstein, 2L, said. The race also marked the beginning of Wellness Week, which focuses on teaching students how to live a well-balanced life.

It was Angela Clark's first time participating in the race. "Being up early on a Sunday can make you feel a bit sluggish, but after successfully completing a three-mile run, you feel invigorated and ready to start the day." The third-year student was also impressed by the level of support given from the sidelines. "Seeing the cheering faces of the volunteers stationed along the race route was a great boost. Not only did they provide needed refreshments, but words of encouragement and support as well."

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