Miami Law Student Puts International Law Education into Practice


Less than two weeks into her international summer internship Lauren Marsicano is already seeing her Miami Law education begin to pay off.

The internship with Nuñnez, Muñoz – a firm located in Santiago, Chile that specializes in Mining Environmental law – has been a dream come true for the rising second-year student. Besides the beautiful people, weather and delicious food, Marsicano is happy to be getting a jumpstart on Latin American language and laws.

"I want to eventually practice International Law in Miami," said Marsicano. "Nowadays, it is basically a prerequisite for anyone applying for a job in this field to be fluent in a second language to even get an interview at a firm."

Marsicano also expressed her gratitude toward Professor Markus Wagner. She says his class in particular helped her research her first assignment in which she had to compare the laws of China and Chile, as well as their government and market conditions that could affect international investments being made in Chile.

"In both cases, I found myself going into the history of the countries, the set-up of the government, and differences in the lawmaking," said Marsicano.

She also thanked Legal Communication and Research Skills (LComm) Professor and Director Rosie Schrier "I wanted to thank her for her invaluable course," she said of the first-year LComm class students are required to take. During the spring, the class was led by Professor Rachel Smith. She credits both of them for their guidance.

"Without LComm, my writing would be nowhere near necessary to handle the numerous amount of writing that I am currently undertaking."

Marsicano will complete her international internship on Aug. 1, 2011; until then, she will continue to apply her educational training with hands-on practice.

"I can quite honestly say this is shaping up to be the most challenging but also the most rewarding experience I have had while studying abroad to date," said Marsicano, "and I have only been here a little over a week!"