Planned Parenthood Federation to Speak on Women's Reproductive Rights at Miami Law


The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) International Program and its partner organizations will speak at Miami Law on February 22 as part of the International Graduate Law Programs Lecture Series. The panel will discuss advocacy, share progress, and knowledge of women's reproductive rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. The lunch event will take place in the Reading Room of the Law Library at 12:30 p.m.

The focus of the event is to discuss the progress being made in women's human rights in Latin America and the Caribbean. The discussion will also share the courage, commitment, and creativity of some of Miami Law's partner organizations working with women in the Caribbean and Latin America to recognize and exercise their sexual and reproductive rights.

Since 1971, Planned Parenthood Federation has worked in developing countries to improve women's health through services and activism. With prominent, scholarly speakers like Mirna Montenegro, Larissa Arroyo, Lynnette Seebaran, Ysabel Marin, and Virginia Gomez de la Torre, this event will be both educational and informative.

Dr. Montenegro is president of the Guatemalan Women's Medical Association and is the Executive Secretary of the Observatory on Reproductive Health. Larissa Arroya, a feminist lawyer from Costa Rica, is an activist fighting for women's human rights, and a professor of Human Rights, focusing on sexual and reproductive rights at the University of Costa Rica Law School. Lynnette Seebaran is one of the most sought-after family lawyers in Trinidad and Tobago and a well-known activist for women's rights. She was a key advocate of Sexual Offences Act and the Domestic Violence Bill in her country. Ysabel Marin, manager of the legal team at PROMSEX, is responsible for advocacy strategies and implementation in Peru. Virginia Gomez de la Torre is a physician, a feminist, and an activist for sexual and reproductive rights in Ecuador.

The participants will be urged, particularly students and professors, to explore opportunities for collaboration with PPFA's International program by exploring the possibility of creating an internship program with PPFA's regional office and overseas partners. The discussion will be exploring other ways to increase alliances and volunteers to protect and promote women's – sexual and reproductive – rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The International Law Lecture Series is run by the International Graduate Law Programs office, and promotes the intellectual exchange of ideas and highlights significant legal topics relating to international law. UM Law professors and renowned keynote speakers lead the lectures, facilitating attendees to think critically about current issues in the international and comparative law fields.