Miami Law Students Create a Scholarship Fund for Fellow Students


Inspired by the dedication and commitment Miami Law students have demonstrated toward the South Florida community, the Student Bar Association (SBA) has introduced a student-funded scholarship. The scholarship fund will be awarded to individuals who have proven their dedication to public service through their involvement with student organizations.

"The Student Bar Association's message is one of investing in our UM community," said SBA President Lindsey Lazopoulos who envisioned this initiative. Lazopoulos and other SBA members believe that it's important that students not only be recognized for their contributions, but also rewarded by their peers.

The SBA plans on allocating proceeds from events held throughout the year to go toward the scholarship fund. On average, the SBA raises $6,000 at events such as the annual Hal-LAW-ween. This is not only good news for students who are in need of financial assistance for law school and are facing increased debt, but also for those who would like to gain practical experience through volunteerism.

"By providing support for the fund through events, every student has a chance to invest back into our community," said Lazopoulos.

While a committee of faculty will determine the recipients, student senator Gigi Soliman says applicants should represent what Miami Law is all about.

"An ideal candidate is one that has put time and work into UM Law and the community either through school organizations or personal time," said Soliman.

While certain details are still coming together, the SBA hopes to begin administering the scholarship by the fall of 2011.

For questions or feedback please e-mail SBA President Lindsey Lazopoulos.