Leipzig Seminar, an International Exchange Program, Continues After a Decade of Success


The Miami/Leipzig Seminar successfully completed its 11th year in Miami last week. The exchange program, which began in 2001, is dedicated to increasing international awareness for students at Miami Law who wish to travel to Germany as part of a two-credit program.

Throughout the sessions, students collaborate with legal scholars and international students reviewing cases and issues playing out in their societies. In May, Miami Law students visit the University of Leipzig, and in January, the European students visit Miami Law.

"In today's world, provincialism is no longer an option," said Professor David Abraham who co-founded the course along with Professor Richard Williamson. "International, comparative and global law are part of nearly all legal practice and study."

This year, the program added professional responsibility and intellectual property to its list of topics to cover. Last week, students were able to explore and present on the implementation and enforcement of consumer contracts, asylum in the US and Europe, freedom of information versus state secrets, and the concept of breach of contract as it relates to UNCISG, US and Germany, among many other topics.

"It's one of a growing number of programs we have that exposes students to thinking beyond the boundaries of domestic law," said Associate Professor Markus Wagner who is an international and comparative law scholar. "It's one of those building blocks to prepare students for the increasingly interdependent world."

Abraham also stated that Miami Law students who have taken part in the program have gone on to work in countries such as France, Spain and Germany.