STREET Law Brings High School Students to Campus


Miami STREET Lawyers held a legal-focused field trip for Coral Gables High students at Miami Law on April 8. During the event high school students were able to interact with University of Miami students and local attorneys.

As part of the field trip, the STREET Lawyers conducted lessons about political parties, which included Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, and Constitution. Then, students were asked to choose if they were for or against issues such as gay marriage, abortion, healthcare, and the right to bear arms. The student's answer placed them within certain parties.

The interactive Civics lesson was created by Miami Law students Jill Schmidt, Tess DeLiefde and Scott Merl.

The event was a success for all those involved.

"Thank you so, so much for everything you and your students have done for our students at Coral Gables High School," wrote Julio Garcia who teaches at Coral Gables High School. "My wish is that our partnership can continue for many more seasons."

Coral Gables High School is one of the schools that have benefitted by its partnership with STREET LAW, which kicked off at Miami Law in 2001. Since then, Miami STREET Lawyers have taught more than 13,575 teenagers about the law. STREET LAW is designed to increase the amount of minorities in the legal profession, which currently stands around 11 percent.