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Legal Search Tools

  • Findlaw (directory organized for legal research, good for finding primary legal material, like codes, court decisions quickly)
  • Catalaw (searchable index of about law-related indexes)
  • ALSO (use to locate state and territorial legal information)
  • Hieros Gamos (directory of legal and governmental sites)
  • All Law (index of legal tools, organized by subject)
  • Public Legal (index of over 4000 law-related web sites)

Popular Search Tools

  • Altavista (performs full-text indexing, and has Boolean capabilities in the power search window)
  • Ask (divides results by type, provides options for narrowing searches)
  • Clusty (clusters the results by type)
  • Google (simple, fast, don't forget the Advanced Search features)
  • Librarians' Internet Index (directory of Internet sources that are arranged by subject and evaluated by librarians)
  • Yahoo (simple, fast, lots of pop culture information)

Meta Search Engines (search several search engines at one time)

  • Dogpile (searches several medium and large Web search and index guides with a single search)
  • Ixquick (searches several popular search engines at one time; it removes duplicates from the results list)
  • Metacrawler (searches about twelve different search engines with each search, removes duplicates)
  • My Way (searches only Ask, Google and Yahoo, no advertisements)
  • Surf Wax (simple, clean display for search results, includes blog and Wikipedia searching)

About Search Tools


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