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April 2013 Issue

  • Summer Access to Databases
  • Library Extended Hours
  • Westlaw Printing Future
  • CALI Lessons
  • Preparing for Exams

May 2010 Issue

  • Ultimate Research Refresher
  • Summer Access to Databases
  • Library Extended Hours
  • CALI Lessons
  • Web Site of the Month - Florida Law Weekly
  • Lexis/Westlaw Positions
  • Preparing for Exams

February 2010 Issue

  • Wednesday Research Workshops & Certification
  • Study Room Policy Change
  • Library Furniture Moves
  • Online Research Training
  • New Online Resources
  • Take a Study Break

May 2009 Issue

  • Are You Ready for Research: The Ultimate Research Refresher
  • Summer Access to Lexis, Westlaw, and Other Databases
  • Library Extended Hours
  • Preparing for Exams
  • Website of the Month: Florida Litigation Guide

April 2009 Issue

January 2009 Issue

  • Become a Certified Legal Researcher
  • Are You a Fan of the Library?
  • CALI
  • Welcome Jootaek Lee
  • New E-Resources
  • Training Schedule
  • Website of the Month: Robing Room

Aug./Sept. 2007 Issue

  • At Your Service
  • Website of the Month: GovTrack
  • Return of the Tuesday (Research) Workshops
  • CALI CD for the Asking
  • The "Atleast" & "Term Frequency" Commands
  • Lexis and Westlaw Computing Issues
  • Attention 1Ls: Register Your Lexis IDs
  • Training Schedule

April/May 2007 Issue

  • Last Chance to Learn: Ultimate Research Refresher May 15th
  • Website of the Month: Free Online Law Reviews
  • Summer Access to Databases
  • Computer Column: Lexis and Westlaw Changes
  • United States Flag Law
  • Miami Herald Online
  • Why is the Library Catalog Named Baron?
  • Exam and Summer Hours

Feb./Mar. 2007 Issue

  • Are you Certified
  • Website of the Month: Florida Constitution
  • Fastcase
  • Practical & Inspiring
  • Researching Criminal Law
  • Did You Know
  • New Florida Administrative Law Website
  • U.S. Government Information on the Web
  • Training Schedule

Dec. 2006/Jan. 2007

  • Introducing Whitney Curtis
  • Website of the Month: UK Statute Law
  • Introducing Sharelaw
  • Researching and Retrieving Law Review Articles: Part II
  • New Electronic Resources
  • Internet Guide for the Legal Researcher
  • Etiquette: A Quick Lesson
  • Wednesday (Research) Workshop
  • Training Schedule

Oct./Nov. 2006 Issue

  • Welcome Michelle Cosby
  • Website of the Month: Google Uncle Sam
  • Researching Law Review Articles: Part 1
  • Researching Prescription Drug Liability
  • Statistically Speaking
  • 1L Lexis & Westlaw Training
  • Legal Writing Resources

Aug./Sept. 2006 Issue

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"Perhaps the two most valuable and satisfactory products of American civilization are the librarian on the one hand and the cocktail in the other."

- Louis Stanley Jast, Librarian

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