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Library Extended Hours
If you have been going home at a decent time this week, you might not have noticed, but the Law Library began extended hours on Monday, April 22nd. The Law Library will be open Monday-Friday 7am-3am, and Saturday-Sunday 9am-3am. For serious night owls, F108, F109 and the Student Lounge will be open 24-hours beginning Friday, April 26th. Richter Library is also open 24-hours from Thursday, April 25th - Tuesday, May 7th.
More information about Law Library hours, including the summer schedule...


Summer Access to Lexis, Westlaw and other Databases
Your access to some databases becomes severely restricted over the summer, with just a few excuses for continuing access. Visit the Summer Access page for all of the details for both continuing and graduating students.


Westlaw Printers
Some of you may have heard the rumors already, but, just to confirm, Westlaw has decided to end the law school printing program across the country. The Westlaw printers will not be available after the end of June. Anything that you need to print from Westlaw will have to be sent to the attached printer. (If you are printing at the law school, this means through the UPrint system.) Lexis Advance printing will still be available.

CALI Lessons

CALI Lessons
These lessons provide a set of exercises which can be used to bolster what you learned in class. There are over 675 CALI lessons available in 32 different subjects. Students may take the lessons online by registering on the CALI site with UM's Authorization Code and creating their own user name and password.

As you prepare for exams, the following information may help your studying go a little more smoothly...

Study Guides: The Library collects several study aids which may help reinforce what you learned in the classroom. For example, we have many of the Q & A Series, which provide multiple choice and short answer questions on a variety of subjects; as well as several of the Examples & Explanation Series, which provide basic descriptions of an area of law with examples of how the law works; and the Exam Pro Series, which also provide multiple choice questions; as well as other series. Most of the recent editions are in the Reserve Collection. Some titles may also be available in the second floor reading room (D201).

Stress Reduction: Need to reduce your stress? Try checking out one of the meditation CDs or one of the law-related films available at the Circulation Desk. Or, play a game of chess on the first-floor in the Mayer Leiter Research Area.

Bar Exam: For those preparing for the Big Exam after this semester, the Bar Exam Research Guide provides lots of resources to help you prepare for this exam as well.

Library Books: To avoid fines and problems with student accounts, please make sure that you return any library items you have checked out before the end of the semester.


"Perhaps the two most valuable and satisfactory products of American civilization are the librarian on the one hand and the cocktail in the other."

- Louis Stanley Jast, Librarian

Accessing Databases from Off-Campus or Using Wireless

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