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Established in the fall of 2009, the Immigration Clinic provides a challenging opportunity for students to advocate on behalf of immigrants in a wide variety of complex immigration proceedings. In addition to helping individual clients, students collaborate with other immigrant rights groups on projects that reform the law and advance the cause of social justice for immigrants. The clinic is dedicated to being an integral part of the wider immigrant and human rights advocacy community in South Florida and the nation and works on a variety of Cases, Projects and Resources including its Haiti Report, Stopping Deportations To Haiti and Resources for Detainees in Immigration Proceedings.


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Immigration Clinic Beats Odds to Win Asylum for Honduran Domestic Violence Survivor (April 29, 2022)

Immigration Clinic Students Win Release of Mother Held in Shocking Jail Conditions (March 30, 2022)

Clinics & Community Impact: Fall 2021 ǀ Miami Law (December 2021)

Immigration Clinic Files U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief (October 13, 2021)

Immigration Clinic Helps Overturn Florida’s Racist Anti-Immigrant Law in Federal Court (September 29, 2021)




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In the Immigration Clinic students have the primary responsibility for preparing cases from start to finish – from an initial factual investigation through to a final merits hearing in an adversarial setting. (Students do not need to be certified by the Florida Bar as certified legal interns in order to appear in court.) As the primary advocates for their clients, students gain:

  • Invaluable first-hand advocacy experience under close supervision
  • Feedback from others and self-reflection, utilizing active learning techniques and technology that permit self-critique and peer review
  • Development of core lawyering skills, such as interviewing and counseling, fact investigation, case planning, researching and writing, witness examination, and oral advocacy
  • Experience working in the field of social justice lawyering, including exposure to the many different roles that social justice lawyers play as advocates
  • An understanding of how institutional, cultural, economic, and political forces influence how immigrants are treated within our legal system
  • The opportunity to learn about their own strengths and areas of growth and to develop a commitment to working in the public interest in accordance with their own professional values and goals

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Clinic Clients, Cases & Projects

All of the clinic's clients are in removal proceedings before immigration court, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or federal courts. The clinic accepts cases of detained and non-detained immigrants on a referral basis from legal service providers and other organizations.

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Practice Advisories

The Immigration Clinic provides technical assistance and support to practitioners and advocates relating to the immigration consequences of crimes. The Clinic has created Practice Advisories on the immigration consequences of select Florida crimes. 

You can download a copy of the Practice Advisories here.


Amicus Briefs

The Immigration Clinic has submitted amicus (“friend of the court”) briefs in a wide range of federal and state litigation, including cases about eligibility for asylum, Arizona-style legislation, and deportation and crimes.

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