Student Leader Information Center

This page is to provide the student leaders of our various student organizations with the necessary resources.

Student Organization Handbook
Student Travel Policy

LAFAC Documents

LAFAC Application

LAFAC Overview and Guidelines

LAFAC Reimbursement Instructions

Sample Suggested Budget Format Template

Constitution and Standing Rules

LAFAC SharePoint Site

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Student Organization Forms

To access the site or the forms, please log in with your full law school e-mail address and password.

LAFAC Meeting Dates

Date Start End Room
1/26/2021, Tuesday 12:10PM 1:40PM Zoom
2/9/2021, Tuesday 12:10PM 1:40PM Zoom
2/23/2021, Tuesday 12:10PM 1:40PM Zoom
3/9/2021, Tuesday 12:10PM 1:40PM Zoom
3/23/2021, Tuesday 12:10PM 1:40PM Zoom
4/6/2021, Tuesday 12:10PM 1:40PM Zoom


Use your CANE ID Credentials “Username” and “Password”


The Miami Law Events Calendar has been designed for the efficiency of scheduling and planning events. Though the system is user-friendly, brief training is recommended. You can e-mail to request training or view one of the videos below.


EMS & Master Calendar

NEW Events Calendar Instructions

Events Calendar Request Form (Use your CANE ID Credentials “Username” and “Password”)

Master Calendar Training Video (Password: 7I!EMX*.)


Please use "Firefox" or "Chrome" browsers to open these forms.

Student Funding Request

Student Funding Request Form
Watch Video: Funding Form Training

Use your CANE ID Credentials “Username” and “Password  is your CNumber"

SharePoint Forms

Use your CANE ID Credentials “Username” and “Password  is your CNumber"

Technology Issues

Still having issues please contact the student technology help desk: (305) 284-5297 or go to room C118.

For any questions or concerns, please contact:

Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia

Coordinator of Student Organizations
Law Library Room D334
Phone: 305-284-8542



Some examples of areas where the Coordinator may be a resource:

  • Manages all student organization and law review transition needs
  • Handles official Files, List of Leaderships, Budgets
  • Assists with organization events
  • Assists the Dean of Students in coordinating all communication and all organizational issues for SBA, ICC, Honor Council, Dean's Cup, and Equity Playhouse
  • Provides Training for all new student leaders, organizations and four law reviews
  • Oversees any technology implementation that can help improve organizations communication, information sharing, forms, polls, and elections
  • Oversees LAFAC Law Committee and coordinates all their meetings