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 ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct (Miami Law network)

This database provides news and guidance on legal ethics, including practice guides, model rules, ethics opinions, reports and more. 

 American Law and Economics Review (UM network only)

A refereed journal, published twice a year. It publish international work that is accessible to the full range of membership in the American Law and Economics Association, which includes practising lawyers, consulting economics and academic lawyers, and academic economists from around the world. The Review differs from other journals in the field, in that it features book reviews and review essays. It also differs from other scholarly economic journals in particular, in that the Editors endeavour to make the material more easily accessible to non-academics. Full text of the journal is available from volume 92 - present.

 American Lawyer (UM network only)

This database is for making informed decisions on legal issues. Includes exclusive D.C market information and competitive intelligence, special reports on national trends in practice of law, litigation, legal education and commentary by most prominent practitioners.  Click here to subscribe to daily e-mails from the American Lawyer, select the desired edition, then input UM's site license code, and follow instructions from there.

 Art Law and Cultural Property - IFAR (UM network only)

The Art and Cultural Property database consists of 2 sets of resources: International Cultural Property Ownership and Export Legislation (ICPOEL) and Case Law and Statutes (CLS). ICPOEL provides summaries and links to full-text legislation from many different countries around the world and includes some historical legislation as well. Links are to official and unofficial English translations of foreign laws as well the full-text statutes in the vernacular, in many cases. The Case Law and Statutes section includes summaries of cases mostly from the United States with links to federal and state statutes. Summaries of settlements are included. Researchers can browse a topic to see cases and other relevant materials including the image of the art work or antiquity that was the subject of the controversy.

 Bloomberg Law (Password required)

Bloomberg Law provides current law, news and analysis in numerous subject areas, including antitrust, ethics, taxation and more. Law faculty, staff and students may subscribe to automatic e-mail alerts within the Bloomberg Law News section of the page. 

 Checkpoint (Miami Law network)

Checkpoint is a comprehensive tax research system including RIA's Federal, State, Local, International, Estate Planning, Pension, Benefits and Payroll products. It includes RIA's Federal Tax Coordinator (annotations arranged by subject), and the USTR (United States Tax Reporter - annotations arranged by U.S. Code section). It also includes international tax treaties, tax legislative history, state-by-state tax code comparisons, and the RIA tax e-mail alert service. WG & L journals and journal previews include Journal of Taxation, Journal of Corporate Taxation, Journal of Taxation of Exempt Organizations and Journal of Multistate Taxation and Incentives. Tax and Commercial Laws of the World includes English translations of foreign Income and Corporate Tax Law, Commercial Codes and selected other laws affecting financial transactions. 

 Clearinghouse Review: The Journal of Poverty Law and Policy

Phased out by the Shriver Center on Poverty Law, the Clearinghouse Review was a bimonthly journal billed as "the nation's intellectual marketplace for legal aid lawyers and others to share ideas and plant seeds for legal and policy innovation." Older issues are available through Hein Online.

 Congressional (ProQuest) (UM network only)

Contains federal legislative material, such as congressional bills, reports, and hearings. Most publications are searchable by keyword or by citation, in addition to other terms, such as witness or bill sponsor. Congressional also includes the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection 1789-1989, Senate Executive Documents, the Congressional Record, Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Committee Prints and GAO Reports from 2004 to present.

 Corporate Counsel (UM network only)

Savvy, award-winning coverage of legal departments, how they devise and carry out their companies' business strategy. Survey includes data on earnings, outside law firms, use of technology, demographics. IP coverage featuring tech companies, pharma, copyright and trademark issues. Includes corporate governance, labor advice. Click here to subscribe to daily e-mails from Corporate Counsel, select the desired edition, then input UM's site license code, and follow instructions from there.

 Daily Business Review (UM network only)

The Daily Business Review is news for South Florida lawyers and business professionals. Official court newspaper for Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Click here to subscribe to daily e-mails from the Daily Business Review, select the desired edition, then input UM's site license code, and follow instructions from there.

 Elgar Advanced Introductions to Law Online (UM network only)

Elgar Advanced Introductions to Law Online  - Each book provides an introduction to essential principles in major fields of law with an emphasis on international and comparative law.

 Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Miami Law network only)

(Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law) The Encyclopedia has over 1000 articles that provide in-depth commentary on public international and comparative law. Encyclopedia articles are fully searchable or browseable using the list of subject or index terms. Content can also be browsed by case name, treaty, geographic area, name of conflict and more. Oxford Law Citator symbol provides links to related case decisions (when available in Oxford Reports on International Law and other parts of the Encyclopedia.

 Environmental Law Reporter (UM network only)

The Environmental Law Reporter (ELR) - From the Environmental Law Institute, is a database of state, federal and international primary law sources searchable by a topical index or by author, document title, document number or date. Also includes Guidance and Policy documents, ELR's News & Analysis,  and ELR Update, an e-mail news service.

 European Journal of International Law (UM network only)

This database uses a combination of theoretical and practical approaches to keep readers up to date with developments in the area. It also provides systematic coverage of the relationship between international law and the law of the European Union and its Member States. Full text of the journal is available from 1998 to date.

 Everglades Litigation Collection (No restrictions)

The University of Miami School of Law Library possesses an important collection of Everglades litigation documents. The collection contains materials gathered from over fifty lawsuits concerning the ecological degradation of the Everglades.

 Fastcase (Miami Law network or by password)

An alternative to Westlaw and Lexis for case law research, offers advanced searching on state and federal cases. Free to members of the Florida Bar, students may want to experience Fastcase which uses relevancy ranking to sort results and enables printing of cases with original pagination in .pdf format. Available through the law school network or by password to law school students, faculty and staff. Password is subject to change once a year.

 Florida Commission on Ethics - Hearing Opinions (No restrictions)

Opinions from the State of Florida Commission on Ethics from 1974 forward. This site also includes rules and orders of the Commission.

 Florida Law Weekly (Miami Law network only)

Search judicial decisions from Florida Law Weekly – Florida Supreme Court, District Court of Appeals and Attorney General decisions from 1995 – present; Get cross citations to official reporters. Florida Law Weekly Federal – U.S. Supreme Court, District Court, Bankruptcy Court and 11th Circuit decisions from March 2001. Florida Law Weekly Supplement – Florida Circuit and County Court decisions and selected reports from Florida public agencies from October 1992. Sign-up for e-mail alerts of new decisions.

 Foreign Law Guide: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World (Miami Law network only)

Comprehensive guide to the sources of law and the legal systems of most countries. For each country, the Guide also has a subject listing which provides specific laws, and English translations, if any, for each topic. (Note: Does not work with Google Chrome.)

 Global Arbitration Review (Miami Law network only)

Global Arbitration Review publishes six issues per year providing news and analysis from arbitrators at law firms and corporations on topics such as investment treaty arbitration, commercial and maritime/offshore arbitration and litigation.  Also available are Guides to Regional Arbitration, interviews with practitioners, surveys and lists of leading arbitrators such as the GAR 100.  Password required for off-campus/wireless access.

 Global Jurist (UM network only)

Global Jurist is a forum for "cyber-debate" on such issues as comparative law, law and economics, and legal anthropology. Global Jurist is actually three separate publications: Global Jurist Advances, Global Jurist Frontiers and Global Jurist Topics. (Click tabs near top of page for each publication.) Access is available anywhere on campus or, if not on campus, a password can be e-mailed to a account. (See My Account. Be careful to enter the password exactly as issued.)

 Hein Online (UM network only)

Hein Online has major library collections in domestic and international law, current and historical. In addition to the Law Journal Library (including issues of journals and law reviews), U.S. materials include congressional, executive, administrative and supreme court materials, legislative history, historical state statutes and legislation, early American cases and records of legal associations such as the AALS, ALI and the ABA. Hein also contains numerous international law resources including United Nations documents, treaties and agreements, world constitutions and publications of scholarly organizations such as the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law and the Hague Academy of International Law. Classic legal texts, historical English law and World Trials are among the numerous other libraries contained within HeinOnline.

 IBFD - International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (Miami Law network only)

IBFD Tax Research Platform - International tax treaties and country by country analysis and comparisons of tax laws for most jurisdictions of the world. Also includes case law on tax treaties, and EU direct taxation cases. Includes the following journals: Bulletin for International Taxation, European Taxation, World Tax Journal and Derivatives and Financial Instruments.

 ICC Dispute Resolution Library (Password Required)

ICC Dispute Resolution Library 

This resource contains ICC dispute resolution awards, the Rules since 1922, the ICC Dispute Resolution Bulletin since 1990, the Court of Arbitration statistical reports since 1997, all Commission on Arbitration reports, all ICC publications including the Enforcement Guide and Institute of World Business Law Dossiers, and more. Password for Law School Faculty, Staff, and Students

 Industrial Law Journal (Miami Law network only)

The Industrial Law Journal provides comment and in-depth analysis on a wide range of topics relating to employment law. Full text of the journal is available from 1998 to date.

 Inside US Trade/World Trade Online (Miami Law network only)

The  Inside US Trade's World Trade Online provides daily news and analysis of international trade developments.

 International and Comparative Law Quarterly (UM network only)

The International and Comparative Law Quarterly covers comparative law as well as public and private international law. Full text of the journal is available from Vol. 50 (2001) to date.

 International Journal of Constitutional Law (UM network only)

A project of New York University School of Law, coverage includes international and comparative constitutional law. Full text of the journal is available from Vol. 1 (2003) to date.

 International Journal of Law and Information Technology (UM network only)

Covers computer law and the use of technology in legal practice. Full text of the journal is available from 1998 to date.

 International Journal of Law, Policy and Family (UM network only)

Contains articles that analyze family law, the sociological aspects of the family with regard to law and legal policy and related. It also includes reviews of books and relevant reports. Full text of the journal is available from 1998 to date.

 International Journal of Refugee Law (UM network only)

The International Journal of Refugee Law is a key source material in the field of refugee protection, discussing critical issues, such as the causes of refugee and related movements, internal displacement, the situation of women and refugee children, human rights, restrictive policies, asylum, populations at risk and the conditions in different countries. The journal publishes original articles, documents, case abstracts, comments, book reviews and annotated bibliographies of reports and other publications. Full text of the journal is available from Vol. 10 (1998) to date.

 Investment Arbitration Reporter (Password Required)

News and analysis on investor state dispute settlement claims. Password required.

 Investor State Law Guide (UM network only)

Investor State Law Guide  is an online database designed for researching investment treaty law. Research tools such as the Subject Navigator, Treaty Article Citator, Jurisprudence Citator and Full Text Search take you directly to where specific issues and sub-issues are dealt with by tribunals in decisions and awards. Terms and Phrases allows you to find decisions and awards defining or discussing the law related to terms in treaties or commonly used in investment law. The full-text of treaties and arbitral rules are also included.  To access the database, click on the Log In button in the top right of the screen. Does not work with Google Chrome.

 Jotwell - The Journal of Things We Like (Lots) (No restrictions)

Jotwell is an online journal that publishes short essays (usually about 1,000 words) in which leading scholars identify an important recent article or book relating to the law and explain why it deserves a wide readership. The Journal currently has sections devoted to administrative law, constitutional law, corporate law, cyberlaw, intellectual property law, jurisprudence, the legal profession, tax law, trusts and estates, and work law. Future sections will include civil procedure, contract law, international law, legal history, property law, and torts. Most law journals expect reviewers to point out flaws in the work being reviewed. Jotwell, however, recruits leading scholars and asks them to explain to their colleagues and to the bar why a recent work is good and why others should read it. Jotwell provides a way to find out what's new, important, and interesting in key areas of the law.

 Journal of Conflict and Security Law (UM network only)

The Journal of Conflict and Security Law is a bi-annual, referred journal, covering all aspects of the international law of armed conflict, from the pre-conflict stage through the outbreak of armed conflict. Full text of the journal is available from 2000 to date.

 Journal of Environmental Law (UM network only)

The Journal of Environmental Law includes articles on a wide variety of topics, such as recent cases, current and emerging concepts and policies. There is also an annual European Case Law section providing full annotation of all cases on environmental law issues. Full text of the journal is available from 1998 to date.

 Journal of International Economic Law (UM network only)

The Journal of International Economic Law stimulates attention to a broad range of subjects that concern the relation of law to international economic activity. Full text of the journal is available from Vol. 1 (1998) to date.

 Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (UM network only)

The Journal of Law, Economics and Organization is an interdisciplinary journal examining the interconnectedness of law, economics, and organization perspective. Full text of the journal is available from 1998 to date; abstracts are available from 1996 to date.

 Journal of Refugee Studies (UM network only)

The Journal of Refugee Studies includes articles on a wide variety of issues involving refugee populations. Full text of the journal is available from 2001 to date; abstracts are available from 1996 to date.

 KluwerArbitration (Miami Law network only)

This database provides the most extensive collection of judicial opinions and arbitral awards from around the world in the field of international commercial arbitration. It also includes leading Kluwer treatises on international arbitration, articles and primary documents. First time users, create a new user ID and password using your law school email address.

 Law, Probability and Risk (UM network only)

Law, Probability and Risk includes articles on topics involving the intersection of law and probabilistic reasoning.

 Law360 (Miami Law network only)

Current awareness and newsletters for many different areas of law, including corporate, banking, public policy, tax, technology, and much more.

 LegalTrac (Miami Law network only)

LegalTrac indexes over 800 legal periodicals by subject or keyword. Coverage begins around 1980 for most journals. For earlier articles, check Hein Online.

 Lexis (Password required)

Online legal research service for legal and law related materials and services, including searches of United States and international legal materials, journals, and more.

 LLMC Digital (UM network only)

The Law Library Microform Consortium is digitizing its microform content which includes collections of U.S. Federal and State legal materials and much more. The collection is a work-in-progress. Current collections include: Federal Legislative, Executive and Judicial Materials, U.S. State Court Reports, Military Law, The Common Law Abroad.

 The Making of Modern Law (UM network only)

Historical collection of American and British legal treatises from the 19th to the early 20th Century (1800- 1926). Approximately 100 different subjects are covered. Theoretical as well as practical works are included together with casebooks, pamphlets, forms, letters and speeches. Full-text and keyword searching is available or you can browse by subject, author or title. See also LegalTrac.

 National Bureau of Economic Research (Miami Law network only)

Abstracts and full-text of the National Bureau of Economic Research's Working Paper Series available on the web. NBER also offers an e-mail Bulletin which announces the latest papers in the series. 

 National Law Journal (UM network only)

News and special reports and other articles of importance to the legal profession.  Click here to subscribe to daily e-mails from the National Law Journal, select the desired edition, then input UM's site license code, and follow instructions from there.

 New York Times Digital Edition  (UM network only)

Create your own account to access the New York Times - just follow the instructions on the linked page and be sure to use your University of Miami email address.  Once you create the account, you can log in from anywhere. 

 NCLC (National Consumer Law Center) Digital Library  (Miami Law network only)

Contains 20 continuously updated treatises on law governing debtor rights, credit and banking, consumer litigation, deceptive practices and warranties. Sample titles are  Student Loan Law, Consumer Bankruptcy, Collection Actions and Foreclosures and Mortgage Servicing. Also has current news and over 2,000 pleadings,forms and primary sources. You can search across all titles or browse titles individually. Easy to use library-wide index takes you to relevant sections.

 Oxford Handbooks Online –Law (UM network only)

Oxford Handbooks Online provide good starting points for research on Comparative Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Empirical Legal Research, EU Law, International Environmental Law, International Financial and Investment Law, International Trade Law, Islamic Law, Law of the Sea, War, Healthcare, Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law, Legal Studies, Sports Law, and more.

 Oxford Reports on International Law (Miami Law network only)

This is a fully searchable database of selected cases in public international law from domestic courts and courts of general jurisdiction around the world. Courts of General Jurisdiction include ICJ, PICJ, PCA and ITLOS. Cases appear in their original language but key passages have been translated into English and all cases have searchable headnotes in English. Also includes commentary on the legal issues in the case and historical and legal context. The Oxford Law Citator links related content available on the service, updates the case and provides additional bibliographic references to outside sources. The components of the service available through this subscription are: Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts and Oxford Reports on International Law in Courts of General Jurisdiction (ICJ, PICJ, PCA and ITLOS), and International Human Rights Law.

 Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (UM network only)

Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law (OSAIL) contains full-text online editions of the reference books and treatises on international law published by Oxford University Press. It includes the Oxford Commentaries on International Law series and classic texts.  All texts link to relevant case reports in Oxford Reports in International Law. 

 Refugee Survey Quarterly (UM network only)

Publishes current refugee and country information through a selection of articles, conference reports, documents, abstracts and bibliographies. Full text of the journal is available from 2001 to date.

 Review of Law and Economics (UM network only)

The Review of Law and Economics is published in cooperation with the European Association of Law and Economics (EALE) and the Berkeley Electronic Press.

 Richter Library Subscription Databases (UM network only)

Richter Library provides students, faculty and staff with a wide variety of electronic databases and journals.

 SmartCILP (Authorization code required)

SmartCILP indexes over 500 legal periodicals from the Current Index to Legal Periodicals. A profile is set-up for each individual according to his/her subject and periodical interests. Each week an e-mail message is sent to the individual listing articles that match the profile. To set up a SmartCILP profile, go to the SmartCILP Web site. Click on Create or Change a SmartCILP Profile, and fill-in the boxes for your name, e-mail address and affiliation (University of Miami Law Library).

 Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

Composed of a number of specialized research networks in each of the social sciences. Each network contains abstracts and full-text papers some of which are working papers. Free registration is required to download full-text papers. Faculty can subscribe to journals from the following 4 networks: the Legal Scholarship Network, the Financial Economics Network, the Management Research Network and the Economic Research Network.

 Tax Notes From Tax Analysts (Miami Law network only to set up password)

The Tax Analysts site includes daily Tax Notes Today, State Tax Today, Worldwide Tax Daily, Exempt Organizations Tax Today, Worldwide Tax Treaties and the Federal Research Tax Library. Law School faculty, students and staff can register for online delivery of any or all of the daily newsletters to their law school e-mail address by selecting any of the publication titles and clicking on MY TAX NOTES/Manage Email Subscriptions. Includes a searchable archive back to 1987 and Tax Treaties going back to 1828.  

Password:  First-time users need to register a profile and create their own username/password to use the site.  You must be within law school IP range in order to register!  To register, go to: and click SIGN IN.  Enter your law school email address as your username.  Click NEXT and then click on REGISTER to complete your profile and create your own password. Click SAVE CHANGES. Use the username/password you created to sign in to the site and to select the publications you would like to have delivered to you.  Once registered, you can sign in from anywhere using the username/password you created.

 TDM - Transnational Dispute Management (Miami Law network only)

This online service aims to be a portal for news, insight and discussion of new developments in global transnational dispute management. Topics include international commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, mediation, negotiation and conflict avoidance. The service consists of the TDM Journal plus selected articles from other journals since 2004. There is also a growing collection of investment awards, laws, regulations and other sources of law. OGEMID (oil gas energy infrastructure and investment disputes) is an internet-based intelligence service and discussion group. The OGEMID archive is searchable on TDM.

 Theoretical Inquiries In Law (UM network only)

Theoretical Inquiries in Law is published by the Cegla Institute for Comparative and Private International Law of the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law. Although the print issues are published two times per year, the electronic version is updated continuously. "The Journal specializes in the application to legal problems of insights developed in other disciplines, such as moral and political theory, epistemology, cognitive psychology, etc." Access is available anywhere on campus or, if not on campus, a password can be e-mailed to a account. (See My Account. Be careful to enter the password exactly as issued.)

 United States Law Week (See Bloomberg Law above)

United States Law Week reports weekly on the proceedings, opinions and activities of the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts. Contents include Legal News Highlights and Case Alert Highlights. The Legal News section contains thorough reviews of developments in the law including pending legislation, rules decisions or reaction to new court decisions. The Summary & Analysis section, discusses certain cases in depth. Analysis & Perspective provides a more in-depth review of issues in the Legal News. The Circuit Split Roundup is a monthly feature describing differences between federal circuit courts of appeals on points of law. The Supreme Court Today component of the service is a searchable database of the status of certiorari petitions, full-text Supreme Court opinions, summaries of selected oral arguments, an upcoming oral argument schedule and an annual Review of Term section that analyzes some of the major topics considered that term. 

 U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection 1789-89 (UM network only)

Consists of numbered Senate and House Documents and Senate and House Reports as well as executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress. The collection also includes American State Papers and all maps, illustrations, photos, and lithographs found within the U.S. Serial Set during the time period 1789-1969 and 1970-89. The collection is part of ProQuest Congressional database and can be searched under the "Historical Full-text" tab.

 U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978 (UM network only)

U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978 is a fully searchable digital archive containing 150 years of U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs. All briefs are included. The record for a case may contain the following types of documents: motions, petitions, oral transcripts, transcripts of the trial record, applications for writ, appendices, letter briefs and jurisdictional statements. All cases are included whether or not heard by the Court.

 VLEX Global (Miami Law network only)

VLex Global is an extensive collection of current foreign law with a focus on Latin America and Europe.  Includes legislation, cases, journals, books, news as well as commentary from practicing lawyers in over 100 jurisdictions.

 Wall Street Journal (UM Network)

Wall Street Journal will direct you to log in with your CaneID and password, and then leads you to a "Create Account" page.  Once you have created an account, you can log in from anywhere.  

 West Academic Study Aids (UM Network)

West Academic Study Aids includes all Hornbooks, Nutshells, Exam Pro and Acing Series, Black Letter Outlines, Gilberts Law Summaries, Sum and Substance audios, and much more.  Users can create their own account using their law school email address to make it easier to access these titles from anywhere, download titles to read offline, including on a mobile device, and highlight, take notes and save favorites.

 Westlaw (Password required)

Online legal research service for legal and law related materials and services, including searches of United States and international legal materials, journals, and more.


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Library Reference: 305-284-3585
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Automated Operator: 305-284-2250
Copy Center: 305-284-3272
Computer Help Desk: 305-284-5297


"Perhaps the two most valuable and satisfactory products of American civilization are the librarian on the one hand and the cocktail in the other."
- Louis Stanley Jast, Librarian