Financial Aid: Military & Veteran Information

Resources for Active and Former Military Service Members and Their Families

This page is dedicated to provide information, assistance and resources to ensure success of our military, veterans and family members. The School of Law has primary contacts available for active and former military service members and their families and strives to achieve the highest level of customer service to all students.

Therefore, it is asked that students consider in self-identifying to one of the primary contacts below as an active or former military service member or family member as some students may be eligible for educational benefits because of their own military service or that of a parent. For information concerning such benefits, contact the University of Miami Veterans Affairs Office indicated below.

Active and former military service members and their families who choose to apply for financial aid should review Guide to Completing the FAFSA. Those who complete the Free Application for Federal Student aid (FAFSA) will receive both a Shopping Sheet and Award notification once the Office of Financial Aid has determined eligibility for financial aid. To help understand the information being provided upon notification of the shopping sheet and/or financial aid award please review the links below.

Military Withdrawal/Readmission Information

Any enrolled law student who is called to active military duty should contact the Dean of Students. Depending on the timing of the activation, the Dean of Students in consultation with the faculty members will determine whether it is feasible for the student to complete the current semester with reasonable accommodations.

In the alternative, the student will be granted a leave of absence for the duration of the active service. In the event of a leave of absence, tuition will be refunded to the student. At such time as the student has concluded active military duty, she or he should contact the Dean of Students to coordinate a plan to resume studies as soon as feasible.

Students are encouraged to review federal student loan borrower benefits available to military service members. The Office of Financial Aid is also available to assist in providing military service members resources to clarify borrower benefits for federal student loans.

Primary Contacts

Veteran's Affairs - UM
Esther Molina

Law School 
Lidiette E. Esquivel, Assistant Director

Office of Student Account Services (payments, billing, etc.)
Bowman Foster Ashe Building
Room 158
P.O. Box 249146
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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Veterans Affairs/GI Bill

DoD Education

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