Harvey T. Reid and Soia Mentschikoff Awards

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The Harvey T. Reid Scholarship program was established in 1970 by the late Harvey T. Reid, former chairperson of West Publishing Company, and friend and benefactor of the School of Law. In 1994, the Law School established the Soia Mentschikoff Scholarship program to honor the late Soia Mentschikoff, a great legal scholar who served as the Law School's dean from 1974-1982. These prestigious scholarships are awarded to outstanding members of the entering class who possess exemplary academic records, demonstrate leadership qualities, and exhibit the potential for making substantial contributions to the legal profession and society.

The Reid and Mentschikoff awards provide full law tuition (fall and spring) for all credits, including six approved non-law course credits taken in other departments of the University and applied toward the juris doctor degree, plus an annual stipend of $1,000. Specific requirements to maintain the award are detailed in the student's initial scholarship notification.

Additionally, students who maintain their required renewal GPA upon completion of their JD degree, are eligible to receive a full tuition scholarship if they are admitted into and enroll in one our LL.M. programs directly upon graduation (or in the case of the School’s joint degree JD/LL.M. offerings, before graduation). The School offers LL.M. programs in International Law, Tax Law, Real Property Development, Estate Planning and Ocean & Coastal Law.

No separate application is required for the Reid and Mentschikoff Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of admissions credentials and achievements, without regard to financial need.

Those selected for these prestigious awards participate in a scholarship conference held the last weekend in February. By mid-February, finalists are notified and invited to participate in the scholarship conference at the School's expense.

To ensure the award of the Scholarship, recipients must accept their scholarship award and pay the two $500 seat deposits by the required dates. The letter of admittance and enclosure outline the enrollment verification process.