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Consortium Agreement

A consortium agreement enables the transfer of federal student aid (no institutional funds, i.e. scholarships or grants are eligible to be used) from the college or university at which a student has matriculated (the home institution) to the one being visited (the host institution). It is a formal agreement between two Title IV-eligible institutions and ensures that courses taken at the host institution will be accepted towards the student's degree at the home institution. Students must be approved by the Associate Dean of Academics' Office at the University of Miami School of Law prior to enrolling, whether it will be their home or host institution.

University of Miami School of Law students should:

  • Contact the Associate Dean of Academics' Office at the University of Miami
  • Submit the Consortium Agreement, including the Certification of Enrollment, to the host institution.
  • The Consortium Agreement should be faxed to UM's Financial Aid Office at 305-284-5868 upon completion by the host institution.
  • Be aware that UM will submit payment to the host institution tuition only to the host institution and remit any remainder to the student.
  • Note that the host institution may, at its discretion, submit a bill which includes all institutional charges. UM will submit payment for tuition and associated charges if this bill is received prior to the disbursement of funds by the students' lender.
  • Understand that no financial aid will be processed until a completed Consortium Agreement has been received by the law school's Financial Aid Office.

Click here for the Consortium Agreement