Cost of Attendance 2014-15

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To assist in your financial planning we have included the estimated Cost of Attendance figures for the 2014-2015 academic year. The Cost of Attendance includes both direct costs (tuition and fees) and indirect costs (housing, meals, books and supplies, personal and transportation) for the 9-month academic year. The Office of Student Account Services bills all direct costs each semester.

Cost of Attendance

See the Office of Student Account Services for a detailed summary of tuition and fees cost.

All university students enrolled in 6 or more credits are required to have health insurance coverage. Students will be charged an additional fee in the fall semester for the 2014-2015 academic year for health insurance. Note: Students will need to complete a waiver form each academic year in order for the health insurance fee to be waived from their charges and removed from their billing statements.

For further information on immunization requirements, the health insurance plan, costs and/or to request a waiver, you may visit the Student Health Services website.

Indirect costs will depend greatly on the choices you make. It is important that you consider your choices carefully such as sharing an apartment and the associated expenses with a roommate or living in a one-bedroom apartment without a roommate and assuming all of the costs. The location of an apartment also impacts the cost. You may want to consider using public transportation versus maintaining an automobile. An estimated range of costs for variable living arrangements is $14,128 to $22,978. However, your choices are what impact these costs and your future loan debt. Please familiarize yourself with our debt management tips and borrow wisely!