Hakim A. Lakhdar

Director of Professional Legal Programs

M.B.A., Northeastern University, International Management and Marketing 
M.A., Indiana University, Middle Eastern Culture and Languages
B.A., Florida State University, International Relations and Sociology

Phone: (305) 284-4345
Office: D343

Hakim A. Lakhdar serves as the Director of Professional Legal Programs as part of the Office of External Affairs. In this role, he is charged with helping to identify, design and promote professional programming and continuing legal education at Miami Law for legal professionals from the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, Lakhdar provides direct support to existing CLEs and conferences through budget management, sponsorship generation, relationship-building and the development of new strategies aimed at sustainability and growth.
Prior to joining Miami Law, Lakhdar worked with Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession and Executive Education Program, where he was responsible for finance and operations, development, space management and major event planning. He helped manage the program's various leadership training programs and research initiatives while launching and supporting an online magazine, all of which addresses the evolution of the legal profession through globalization, disruptive innovation, diversity, professionalism, career paths, legal education, and other relevant themes.
Lakhdar also worked in Washington, D.C. at the American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Initiative. While there, he aided in international recruitment efforts, managed their Pro Bono Legal Specialist Program and later, as a Program Officer and the Legal Profession Reform Deputy Coordinator, went on to develop and manage various legal reform programs in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, many of which were funded by USAID, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Justice and several smaller international funders.

Phone: (305) 284-4345
Office: D343

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