Rescheduling Exams

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Petitions: Each semester, after drop-add period ends, the Office of the Law Registrar will review petitions for rescheduling of Final Examinations as a result of schedule conflicts. The petition must be submitted through the form for Request Reschedule (Exam Conflict) at least four weeks prior to the end of classes. Contact with the professor to seek rescheduling is strictly forbidden, as it may compromise the anonymity afforded to students by the anonymous grading system. Rescheduling will be arranged only in circumstances that clearly satisfy the criteria set forth below.

Schedule Conflicts: Examination schedule conflicts are defined as follows: two exams in one day, three examinations in three consecutive days, four examinations in five consecutive days, or a take-home exam that is administered at a set time which overlaps with, or ends immediately before or within two hours of, an in-class examination.

  • Can I take the exam before the scheduled time? In general, it is the policy of the School of Law that examinations are not given before the scheduled times. Neither scheduled examinations nor take home examinations may be given during the reading period.
  • What if I am enrolled in a joint-degree program? Students who are enrolled in joint degree programs may also petition the Office of the Law Registrar for rescheduling of examinations. In general, students will be accommodated for two examinations in one day or three examinations in three days, but not for four examinations in five consecutive days.
  • Serious Illness, Death, & Religious Prohibitions: In all other circumstances, a student will be granted an adjustment in his or her examination schedule only in the event of a personal illness requiring the care of a physician, death or serious illness in the student's immediate family or household, or because of religious prohibitions certified by an appropriate religious professional. In such an event, the examination in question will be rescheduled as early as is consistent with the cause of the excused absence as determined by the Dean of Students. See Request Exam Reschedule(Personal).