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What is my Anonymous Grading Number (AGN)?

All examinations are graded on an anonymous basis. To provide proper conditions for the evaluation of examinations, the School of Law has adopted an anonymous grading policy governed by the following guidelines:

  • Before the official final exam period, each student is assigned a randomly generated anonymous grading number which he or she places on each examination. Your Final Exam AGN will be the same number for each of your courses for the official final exam period.

  • New numbers are assigned each semester and must be obtained from StudentLink
    • or the Law Registrar before each examination period.
  • Upon completion of grading examinations, the instructor submits a grade for each numbered examination to the Law Registrar.

  • The instructor thereafter may raise or lower a student’s final examination grade to include grades on papers, projects, and other examinations, and to reflect class participation and/or class attendance, provided the instructor has notified students in writing of this policy at the beginning of the semester. These adjustments can only be made after the instructor has established and recorded a grade for each numbered examination and delivered such grades to the Law Registrar.

  • The Law Registrar may generate anonymous grading numbers for midterm examinations or other separately graded projects or assignments as necessary for a particular course. These numbers will not be the same numbers used for the official final exam period. These may also be obtained through StudentLink or from the Law Registrar. Your Midterm AGN will be the same for each of your courses for that particular semester.

Where can I get my AGN?

  • Your AGN can be found by accessing StudentLink. The following are the steps to find your AGN:

    1. Login to StudentLink using your law school username (this is your email address, excluding the and password (the default password is your C number with a capital "C"). You can also find StudentLink on the top left of the CourseLink page.
    2. Select “View Your Anonymous Grading Number” from the center panel.
    3. Click on the applicable term, and you will be able to view your Midterm and Final Exam AGN numbers. Your final exam AGN will be different from your midterm exam AGN.

When do I need my AGN?

  • Before Official Final Exam Period: Students are to use their Midterm AGN on the completion of all anonymously graded assignments and exams that are administered during the semester, before the official final exam period begins (this includes anonymously graded papers and exams for all short courses).

  • During Official Final Exam Period: You need your Final Exam AGN before taking your final examinations. You will use this number on all final examinations administered during the official final exam period (whether by Exam4, BlueBook or Scantron forms).

What if I forget my AGN?

  • If you forget your AGN, you may not use your name, C-number, Social Security number, or any other identifying information on your examinations.

  • Visit StudentLink or the Law Registrar to get your AGN before your examinations.