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What to Ask Before Applying to Law School?

The admissions experts at Miami Law, authors of the guide 29 Critical Questions to Ask About Law School, have put together a list to assist in pre-law planning. This resource covers key questions from admissions, to academics, to law student life including:

What Are Law Schools Looking for in an Applicant?
What Should I focus on in my Personal Statement?
Can I Afford Law School?
How Beneficial is a Joint Program like a JD/MBA?

Some Other General Tips


Our Law School Admissions Specialists are here to help you with any questions you may have. You can reach out to us via email, by filling out our Request Information Form or by visiting us in person during one of our On-Campus Tours

Helpful Links

 Regarding Law as a Career

A Career in Law
H.G. Global Resources (useful descriptions of 260+ areas of legal practice) 

* Miami Law will be attending all Forums and participates in approximately 70 recruitment events throughout the country each fall. Additionally, Miami Law hosts several on-campus events, such as a mock admissions panel, mock class, student panels, and an overview of the application process. These events can be extremely useful and informative.


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