Applying as a Visiting Student from Another Law School

aerial view of UM campusEach year the University of Miami School of Law is pleased to admit a limited number of visiting students from other A.B.A. accredited law schools who have performed well, completed credits equivalent to one year's worth of full-time enrollment, and have the permission of their home schools to study at the University of Miami School of Law.

To Apply As a Visiting Student

Deadline: The application filing deadline for visiting students is July 31 for the fall semester, December 1 for the Spring semester, and May 1 for the Summer semester.

Application: The preferred method of application is electronically through LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) registration; however, a student may prefer to mail in a printed copy by accessing Miami Law’s application and instructions for visiting students on this page.

Visiting students are expected to adhere to the requirements and standards of their home institutions and to the academic and other standards of the University of Miami School of Law. The maximum number of credits allowed by the University of Miami School of Law as a visiting student is 32. Visiting students are expected to return to their home schools to complete their degrees and are ineligible to apply for transfer status.

Visiting students do not get priority registration which can limit the courses available for them. This includes clinical opportunities.

Students who have received special accommodations from their home schools relating to a documented disability should contact the Law School’s Office of Disability Services at 305-284-9907 or

All students must have health insurance and will be automatically billed for insurance each semester unless they complete a cancellation request that is available online. Complete information regarding required health insurance and immunization is available on the UM website.

All students are charged a student activity fee.

Prior to making application, students requiring financial assistance should contact the financial aid office at their home schools and/or the Office of Financial Aid at the University of Miami for assistance and application materials. The Office of Financial Aid can be reached at (305) 284-6000 or


International Visiting/Exchange Students

Before attending the University of Miami law school as a foreign exchange student, it is recommended all international students read the International Exchange Student Handbook - a comprehensive guide to helping prepare to spend a semester at Miami Law.