Miami Law University of Sao Paulo Law School Brazilian Exchange Program

University of São Paulo Law School Brazilian Exchange Program

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Miami Law now offers an exchange agreement with the Universidade de São Paulo Law School (USP) in São Paulo, Brazil. This exchange enables two Miami Law students the opportunity to complete a full semester of courses at the University of São Paulo, which is one of the leading educational institutions in South America. All courses are taught in Portuguese.

About the University of São Paulo:

This public university is one of the largest institutions of higher education in Latin America with approximately 90,000 enrolled students across eleven campuses, four of them in São Paulo.

As one of the country's most prestigious institutions, it is estimated that more than 25% of the articles published by Brazilian researchers in high quality conferences and journals are produced at the University of São Paulo.

About São Paulo:

Multicultural São Paulo is the second largest urban area in the Americas and an important South American economic and cultural center that includes a modern subway system, shopping malls, beautiful parks, nightlife, and several open-air fruit and flower markets. Often compared to New York City because of its cosmopolitan feel, distinct ethnic neighborhoods, and excellent cultural venues, the city offers South America's best and most diverse cultural entertainment including theater, cinema, museums, concerts, Carnival samba schools, and soccer teams.

Tuition and Housing:

Miami students will pay their regular tuition to UM, and pay nothing to USP. Students need to find housing off-campus.


Miami Law selects the two most qualified students to propose to USP each academic year. USP makes the final decision on admission. To apply, please send:

  • a short letter (1-2 pages) stating the reasons for your interest;
  • a listing of significant international experience (growing up in a foreign country, work in the Peace Corps, the military or business, studying for a semester or more abroad), and/or extensive academic training in international relations, international business, area studies, or related fields;
  • a copy of your CV; and
  • your law school GPA and grades in relevant courses, or a copy of your law school transcript.

We need to receive this information by April 1st for fall semester, and by October 1st for spring semester. Please send application to Sandy Abraham, Executive Liaison,

For More Information:

Questions about the program should be directed to:

Sandra Abraham
Executive Liaison for Interdisciplinary Programs


Miami Law International Exchange Program flyer

  • Broaden your legal perspective
  • Study transnational, EU, and interdisciplinary law
  • Build international networking contacts
  • Access international lawyers, students and faculty
  • Expand your foreign language skills
  • Learn in a different educational system
  • Gain exposure to the civil law tradition
  • Experience a unique culture and nightlife
  • Earn credit while being immersed in the culture of some of the world's most exciting cities
  • Apply with ease – administrative support and financial loan processing are arranged