Mindfulness for Lawyers Workshops

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The University of Miami School of Law’s nationally-renowned Mindfulness in Law Program offers highly effective mindfulness trainings to legal professionals. The program is led by Professor Scott Rogers, a leading authority in the field who has taught mindfulness to tens of thousands of lawyers and judges and developed one of the first mindfulness CLE programs in the country. Programs include presentations, introductory and advanced workshops, and day-long immersions.


Free Online Four-Part Series from University of Miami Mindfulness in Law Program

for Law Students and Faculty, Practitioners, Judges, and Others in Law

These sessions were open to all legal professionals suring this challenging time to connect with and support each other. Each session opened with comments connecting the exercise to practical daily concerns, and closed with tips for enjoying short practices during the day. No prior experience was needed. Sessions were hosted by Dean and M. Minnette Massey Professor of Law Tony Varona and practices were led by Professor Scott Rogers.

Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness Techniques – Instruction, Guided Meditation, and Benefits

Friday, March 27th at 12:30 pm EDT

Session 2: Lovingkindness (Metta) Meditation – Connecting in a Time of “Social Distancing”

Friday, April 3rd at 12:30 pm EDT

Session 3: Body Scan – Relaxing with the Breath and Awareness of the Body, Suggestions for Daily Practice

Friday, April 10th at 12:30 pm EDT

Session 4: Mindful Movement – Practice at Home and Outdoors, Learn the SoBe Mindful Movement Practice

Friday, April 17th at 12:30 pm EDT

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