Online Information Session: Paths to Practice Law in the U.S. - Studying and Practicing Opportunities for Foreign Lawyers

Thursday, March 31 - 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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The University of Miami School of Law invites foreign-trained lawyers to an information session about the study and practice of law in the United States. Learn answers to common questions from foreign lawyers:

Can I use my law degree to practice law in the United States?
What is the Bar exam, and what do I need to do to take it?
What is the difference between an LL.M, a J.D., and an S.J.D.?
If I want to practice law in Florida and I only have an LL.M., what are my options?
What are the LSAT and the TOEFL?


Possibilities to Practice Law 

During the session, information will be offered on the different degrees offered by the University of Miami Law School, as well as the different possibilities to practice law with each of them. Programs offered by Miami Law:
Masters of Law, which allows the foreign lawyer to sit for the bar in some states, with the New York Bar being the most common.
Masters of Law with Intensive Legal English (LL.M. + Intensive Legal English), for those who need to improve their proficiency in legal English.
Joint J.D./LL.M., a joint degree that allows its graduates to sit for the bar anywhere, including Florida.
Juris Doctor (S.J.D.) for those who teach or wish to teach law outside the United States, who are pursuing a judicial career in their home countries, or who are involved in policy work at research institutes or government organizations.

University of Miami School of Law Presenters

Carmen Pérez-Llorca, Assistant Dean for International and Graduate Programs; Director, International Graduate Law Programs, Lecturer in Law
Yazmyne Vasquez Eterovic, Associate Director for Career Development; Advisor, International LL.M. Programs

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