Admissions: U.S. and Transnational Law LL.M. for Foreign-Trained Lawyers

Application Checklist

Please read this checklist carefully before submitting an application. The Application Checklist explains which documents are necessary to complete an application as well as the Visa requirements for studying and living in the United States. Please follow the steps below to ensure that one’s application is complete. For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

Application Form (2 options): There are two different ways to submit an application:

a.     Electronically: Use Miami Law’s Online Application system. This option allows you to work on your application and continue working on it at your convenience.

b.     Through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). (Please be aware that original transcripts must be sent to your office directly in addition to the material submitted through LSAC.)

 1. Application Fee

A U.S.D. $50.00 application fee is required. One may pay by credit card through the online application, money order or check drawn on a bank in the United States payable to the University of Miami. This application fee is non-refundable, and will not be credited toward tuition or any other account in the event of admission. Please note separate fees apply for those using the LSAC service.

 2. Statement of Purpose

Submit a statement of purpose of approximately 500 words in English. Please address one’s academic and professional background, professional goals, specific areas of interest, and other matters which are of importance. The statement of purpose is to be prepared by the applicant without any outside help and is to contain a statement to that effect. Miami Law recommends that an applicant summarizes his or her professional background in a résumé or curriculum vitae submitted separately.

 3. Undergraduate and Law School Transcripts and Notarized Copy of Diplomas

Arrange for official transcripts from one’s undergraduate university and law school to be mailed directly to the Office of Graduate and J.D. Admissions at Gables One, P.O. Box 248087, Coral Gables, FL 33124. Copies of diplomas obtained are accepted but must be notarized. Students must submit certified translations of all documents not in English. The LSAC Credential Assembly Service is also accepted but not required.

 4. LSDAS Report and LSAT Score

This is a requirement for U.S. law graduates ONLY. Arrange for a copy of one’s LSDAS report which includes the LSAT score to be sent directly to the Office of International Graduate Law Programs.

 5. English Language Proficiency

Applicants whose native language is not English must submit results of an English Language Proficiency test, the TOEFL and the IELTS are the only tests accepted.  Minimum required TOEFL score for admission: 580 paper-based, 237 computer-based and 92 internet-based. Minimum required IELTS score for admission: 7.0. An applicant may apply for the LL.M. program even if he or she has not yet achieved the required minimum TOEFL score, but  will not be granted admission until it is documented that the score has been achieved. Depending upon one's score, Miami Law may require or recommend enrolling in an Intensive English or Legal English course offered at the University of Miami. For individuals that need to improve their English, Miami Law offers an Intensive Legal English + LL.M. program.

TOEFL Waiver: Waivers of the TOEFL requirement will only be considered in situations where the applicant can present other evidence of English capability (such as a degree taught in English from another accredited institution where English is the primary language).

 6. Two Letters of Recommendation

Obtain two letters of recommendation from two law school professors stating in detail their opinion of an applicant’s qualifications for graduate law study. Attorneys in practice more than two years may submit letters of recommendation from an employer or colleague.

 7. Scholarship Request Form and Research Assistant Form

For students wishing to be considered for scholarships and research positions please complete a Scholarship Request Form and/or the Research Assistant Application Form. The scholarship committee generally meets in March of each year to begin awarding scholarships for the following fall semester. It is encouraged than an applicant applies before this date to be considered for scholarship assistance.

 8. Statement of Financial Responsibility and Verification of Sponsorship

For admitted students requiring a visa ONLY. Admitted students must submit a Statement of Financial Responsibility and will also need to submit a verification of sponsorship or bank letter demonstrating ability to defray education and living expenses while in the United States. This information is required by the U.S. Government for immigration purposes. (Not required of citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.) Please contact for any questions regarding these forms.


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