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While we ensure that our students receive a broad-based legal education, we also want to give them the option of concentrating on special areas of interest.

Accordingly, after the first year, the list of courses, seminars and workshops offered is extensive — including traditional classroom courses, specialized legal skills courses, seminars designed to provide intensive research and writing opportunities, workshops that enable students to apply theoretical skills to practical problems, and courses that deal with timely issues. Students must take one course in legal professionalism but have substantial flexibility in selecting the rest of their curriculum.

The University of Miami School of Law has curricular strengths in a variety of areas. For specifics, please see:

Upper Level Course Guide


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As the practice of law becomes increasingly specialized in both the public and private sectors, today's lawyers need advanced skills to stay ahead. At Miami Law, you can develop these skills by concentrating your studies, engaging in advanced, in-depth study with leading scholars and practitioners in specific fields without pursuing an advanced legal degree.

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