Louis Henkin Lecture Series on Human Rights

Miami Law’s lecture series on human rights is named in honor of the late Louis Henkin, a prominent law professor at Columbia University who was one of the founders of the academic study of human rights and who helped educate a whole generation of human rights lawyers, scholars, and activists, including some Miami Law professsors. Miami Law created a lecture series in his memory, which has included the following lectures by illustrious speakers:


Human Rights and Democracy in a New EraJuan E. Mendez, Professor of Human Rights Law in Residence, Washington College of Law. Click here to watch the February 11, 2021 lecture.



Race, Gender, and Nation in an Age of Shifting BordersCatherine Powell, Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law. Click here to watch the October 15, 2019 lecture.


What Future for Human Rights: James W. Nickel, Professor of Philosophy & Law, University of Miami School of Law. Click here to watch the April 17, 2018 lecture.


The Human Right to Property: José Enrique Alvarez, Herbert and Rose Rubin Professor of International Law at New York University School of Law. Click here to watch the March 2, 2017 lecture.


Examining Human Rights and Global Business – A New Frontier: Michael Posner, Professor, New York University Stern School of Business. Click here to watch the September 15, 2014 lecture.


Destroying What We Seek to Protect: Interrogation, Values and U.S. Foreign Policy: Alberto Mora, J.D. ’81, Former General Counsel to the Navy. Click here to watch the September 30, 2013 lectureRead Article.


Rights at War: The Interface between Human and Constitutional Rights and the Laws of Armed ConflictSarah H. Cleveland, Louis Henkin Professor of Human Rights and Constitutional Law, Columbia University Law School. Click here to watch the September 13, 2012 lecture.


Law & Terrorism: Owen Fiss, Sterling Professor of Law, Yale University. Click here to watch the February 17, 2011 lecture.


Obama's War on Terror: Change We Can Believe In?: David D. Cole, John Carroll Research Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center. Click here to watch the November 11, 2010 lecture.