Miami Law Exchange Program with Ghent University Law School

Exchange Program with Ghent University Law School

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Miami Law now has an exchange program with Ghent University, Ghent Belgium. This one-semester exchange opportunity:

  • Exists for up to two upper level J.D. students.
  • Takes place during the spring term, from mid-February to early July.
  • Offers courses are taught in English in the areas of economic analysis of Law, European criminology/criminal justice and law in Europe.
  • Enables course credits earned at Ghent to count toward the J.D. degree.

About the University, the City, and the Law School

The Law School is located in the historic center of the Ghent and blends historic buildings with modern teaching facilities. It is part of Ghent University which is one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in Belgium. The language of the University is Dutch but the Law School boasts three graduate English language programs: European Criminology and Criminal Justice Systems, Law in Europe from a Comparative Perspective, and the Economic Analysis of Law. The Law School has over 3300 students making the largest law school in Belgium. The city of Ghent is a beautiful historic city of 350,000 inhabitants with a medieval center and a modern and active and economic and cultural life. It is only a half an hour away by train from Brussels.

To Apply Please Provide

  • A short letter (1-2 pages) stating the reasons for your interest;
  • A listing of significant international experience (growing up in a foreign country, work in the Peace Corps, the military or business, studying for a semester or more abroad), and/or extensive academic training in international relations, international business area studies, or related fields;
  • A copy of your CV (including language competencies); and
  • Your law school GPA and grades in relevant courses, or a copy of your law school transcript.

Information must be received by April 1st for fall semester. Applications should be sent to Sandy Abraham at

Tuition, Fees, Social Events & Housing

Students pay tuition and other required fees to the University of Miami. Miami Law students pay no tuition or fees to Ghent University except for certain social events and discretionary fees.

For More Information

Questions about the program should be directed to:

Sandra Abraham
Executive Liaison for Interdisciplinary Programs


Miami Law International Exchange Program flyer

  • Broaden your legal perspective
  • Study transnational, EU, and interdisciplinary law
  • Build international networking contacts
  • Access international lawyers, students and faculty
  • Expand your foreign language skills
  • Learn in a different educational system
  • Gain exposure to the civil law tradition
  • Experience a unique culture and nightlife
  • Earn credit while being immersed in the culture of some of the world's most exciting cities
  • Apply with ease – administrative support and financial loan processing are arranged