We Robot: Conference on Legal and Policy Issues Relating to Robotics

We Robot

Founded by University of Miami School of Law Professor A. Michael FroomkinWe Robot is the most exciting interdisciplinary conference on the legal and policy questions relating to robots. The increasing sophistication of robots and their widespread deployment everywhere—from the home, to hospitals, to public spaces, and even to the battlefield—disrupts existing legal regimes and requires new thinking on policy issues. (See Miami Law Magazine article from the 2013 conference, "Robots at War: As Humans Take a Back Seat in Combat, Who is to Blame When Machines Kill?")

Who Attends

Individuals on the front lines of robot theory, design, or development, come to join the conversations between the people designing, building, and deploying robots, and the people who design or influence the legal and social structures in which robots operate.


Upcoming Conference

We Robot 2019 will be hosted by the University of Miami School of Law. The conference will be April 12-13, with a workshop day on April 11. Visit website.


Past Conferences

We Robot Stanford logo 20182018 - Stanford Law School

2017Yale Law School

2016 -  University of Miami School of Law

2015University of Washington School of Law

2014 - University of Miami School of Law

2013Stanford Law School

2012University of Miami School of Law