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Midterm Practice Exam and Final Exam Preparation

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Once fall semester midterm practice exams have been completed, students should have a clearer understanding of what to expect on final examinations in December. Some students may be wondering what steps to take now so they are prepared for those final exams. Even before receiving feedback on midterm practice exams, students may take immediate steps in order to learn from the midterm practice exam experience and to better prepare for the fall semester final examinations.

The Academic Achievement Program provides multiple opportunities to work on developing certain skills that enhance learning and prepare for class and final examinations. Those resources include:

Dean's Fellow Study Groups

For students who have been regularly attending their Dean's Fellow Study Groups, continue attending. All weekly sessions have been carefully planned to systematically help develop the necessary foundation on which to build the skills that will assist in successfully completing law school examinations.

For those who have not regularly attended, the Academic Achievement Program strongly urges to begin attending now, and to regularly participate for the remainder of the semester. Dean's Fellows will soon begin the formal exam preparation sessions, which will continue until the Academic Achievement Program Dean's Fellow Study Groups end this semester. Those upcoming sessions provide several opportunities for students to work through sample hypothetical exam questions and will include lessons on careful reading of exam questions, organizing exam answers and writing out practice exams.

Writing Dean's Fellows

Law School essay examinations require competence in conveying analysis and conclusions in clear, concise written form. Students who seek assistance with practice and development of writing skills should schedule appointments or simply "drop in" to see an Academic Achievement Program Writing Dean's Fellow, who can provide assistance with organization, structure, style, grammar and composition.

In addition, students may, on their own initiative, obtain copies of practice exams at the Law Library Circulation Desk. After completing written answers to those exams, they may bring them to a Writing Dean's Fellow who will review students' written answers and provide feedback on the written product. Writing Dean's Fellows will not review nor comment on issues of substantive law, but will provide assistance with organization, structure and composition.

Other Resources to Help Students Prepare

  • Faculty Feedback: Faculty members will provide some form of written, individualized feedback on practice exams. They may also offer sample or model answers, "grades" (which do not count in determining your final course grade) and review sessions following the midterm exam. Some may also schedule appointments with students to go over the exam.
  • Class Attendance: All students should regularly attend all classes, be well-prepared for class, take notes and participate in class discussions.