Miami Law Departments Directory

Miami Law Departments Directory

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How to Dial an Phone Extension

*From off-campus: Dial "305-284" before the extensions below.
*From on-campus calls: Dial "8" before the extensions below.

Department Name Room Phone Extension* Departmental Email
Academic Achievement Program (AAP)/ Writing Dean's Fellows A212 9208
Accessibility and Inclusion A212 9907
Admissions & Recruiting F203 6746
Audiovisual Services (AV) G180 3801
Budget Office GT 731 5994 N/A
Career Development Office (CDO) A112 2668
Center for Ethics & Public Service G287 3934
Clinics N/A N/A N/A
Continuting Legal Education (CLE) D342 6276
Copy Center B207 3272
Dean, Office of C223 2394 N/A
Dean of Students Office A212 4551
Development & Alumni Relations C320 3470
Document Delivery D137 3728 N/A
Facilities G491 2525
Financial Assistance UC 2275 6000 'Canes Central - Contact Us
HOPE Public Interest Resource Center B446 2599
Heckerling Institute C423 4762
Human Resources A311 3076
Information Technology, Law N/A 3000
Inter-Library Loan D137 3728 N/A
Interdisciplinary/Joint Degree Programs F209B 4030 N/A
LComm G387 4266 N/A
Library Administration G171 2251 N/A
Library Circulation Desk Library 3563 N/A
LawWithoutWalls (LWOW) G476 N/A
Litigation Skills Program A310 2303
LL.M. Programs N/A N/A
Mail Room/Receiving Dock G179 3476
Miami STREET LAW G287 3934 N/A
Mindfulness in Law Program A315 5527
Office of Communications and Events D342 1689
Reference Desk Library 3585 N/A
Registrar A210 4825
Student Affairs/ Student Life A212 4551
Student Computing C118 5297
Student Organizations D334 2071
UMIT Help Desk N/A 6565
Web Updates & eCommunications D336 4137

NEED TO UPDATE YOUR OFFICE/PHONE NUMBER? Please send an e-mail to and include your old room and phone number, and your new contact information.