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Miami Law Announces Incoming Executive Boards of Law Reviews

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Miami Law is pleased to announce and congratulate the following students who have been named to the Volume 69 Executive Board of the University of Miami Law Review:

Karla Albite, Editor-in-Chief
Kelly Balkin, Executive Editor
Craig Tompkins, Executive Editor
Adrienne Scheffey, Senior Articles Editor
Katie Clemente, Senior Notes and Comments Editor
Adam Hoock, Senior Notes and Comments Editor
Erin Sales, Senior Writing Editor
Bethany Bandstra, Eleventh Circuit Editor
Brittany Ford, Online Editor
Jenna Feldman, Communications & Outreach Editor
Lindsay Adkin, Symposium Editor
Danielle Coupet, Managing Editor
David Coulter, Articles and Comments Editor
Erin Fitzgerald, Articles and Comments Editor
Ben Muschel, Articles and Comments Editor
Amanda Parra, Articles and Comments Editor
Gina Rhodes, Articles and Comments Editor
Sara Solano, Articles and Comments Editor
Dana Turjman, Articles and Comments Editor
Dan Wolfe, Articles and Comments Editor

The following law reviews also announced their newly-elected student editors.

Business Law Review:

Josh Berman, Editor-in-Chief
Chad Pasternack & Cara Baros, Executive Editors
Jacob Epstein, Managing Editor
Joe Picone & Kristen Susik, Research & Writing Editors
Michael Binko, Senior Articles & Comments Editor
Steven Vitale & Jacob Shonkwiler, Articles & Comments Editors
Melanie Adelson, Alumni

InterAmerican Law Review:
Sean McCleary, Editor-in-Chief
Alexandra Levenson & Christopher Noel, Executive Editors
Bruno deCamargo, Managing Editor
Irakli (Eric) Shalolashvili, Student Writing Editor
Fernando Valle, Symposium Editor & Online Content Editor
Nicole Sohn, Jordan Holmes, Fernando Langa, Shanise Lawrence & Caitlin O’Leary, Articles & Comments Editors

International & Comparative Law Review:
Lauren Astigarraga, Editor-in-Chief
Eric Schmitz & Marilyn Harvey, Executive Editors
Brett Rogers, Managing and Review Editor
Natasha Khoyi, Articles Editor
Jackie Frisch, Events Editor
Kelsey Hayden, Josh Ferguson & Edward Krakauer, Article & Comments Editors

National Security & Armed Conflict Law Review:
Michael Kranzler, Editor-in-Chief
Jessica Sblendorio, Executive Managing Editor
Laura Scala, Symposium Editor
Nicholas Esser, Senior Online Editor

Race & Social Justice Law Review:
Lauren Gonzalez, Editor-in-Chief
Julien Apollon, Staff Managing Editor
Rebecca (Becky) Greenfield, Submissions Editor
Michael Bolling, Business Managing Editor
Caitlin Griffin, Symposia Editor
Nick Bancroft, Senior Articles Editor
Kenneth (Kenny) Farino, Chief Notes & Comments Editor


Miami Law Announces Incoming Executive Boards of Law Reviews