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Miami Law Students Conduct Ethics Training for Legal Aid

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On March 5, Professional Responsibility and Ethics Program (PREP) interns Karin Dryer and Kara Strochlic visited Legal Aid in downtown Miami to conduct an interactive CLE training. Guided by Jan L. Jacobowitz, Director of PREP, the interns presented hypothetical situations implicating a host of ethical dilemmas commonly confronted by Legal Aid attorneys.

Topics that were discussed included concurrent and successive conflicts of interest, a lawyer’s receipt of wrongfully acquired confidential information belonging to the opposing party, and ethical implications of the use of social media websites, such as Facebook, by members of the legal community.

"Taking part in these CLE trainings has reinforced the notion for me that ethical decisions are some of the most difficult choices a lawyer has to make on a virtually daily basis," said Strochlic.

The 90-minute training session was attended by about 15 attorneys who actively participated in the presentation. "Having an opportunity to sit down with a group of attorneys and have a detailed discussion about cutting-edge ethical issues was an amazing experience," said Dryer, adding, "it seemed like everyone really enjoyed the session, we had a lot of fun."

The PREP was established in 1996 as an in-house program within the Center for Ethics and Public Service at the University of Miami School of Law. The program has dedicated countless student hours to public service and has educated thousands of members of the Florida Bench and Bar. As the students teach, they learn and quite often make a difference, prompting organizations to pause and reconsider their approaches to some of the toughest ethical dilemmas.