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Miami Law Students Reach Higher Heights

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Miami Law students continue to strengthen the legacy of our law school. Rising third-year law student William Mount successfully climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the fourth largest in the world. What's even more noteworthy is that William was selected to travel to Arusha, Tanzania on a H.O.P.E. summer fellowship.

During his fellowship, William worked for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal [ICTR] for Rwanda for Judge Rachida Khan in chambers. William thoroughly enjoyed this experience stating that "It was an incredible experience in which I had the opportunity to help contribute to the drafting of a genocide judgment in which a former sous-prefet received twenty-five years in prison."

While on top of the mountain, William appropriately held up the "U". In his own words, "It was an honor to hold up the "U" on the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I specifically chose to do this, because I wouldn't have been in Africa without the University of Miami and H.O.P.E. Time and time again, the University of Miami School of Law took a chance on me and supported me, when other law schools didn't. I am incredibly proud to be a 3L at the University of Miami."