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Advance Reservations*

In order to serve as many of our law students as possible, advance reservations for a group are restricted to two hours per day. That is to say, it is NOT allowed for each member of a group to reserve two hours consecutively or at any other time on one day for their group.**

Advance reservations can be made only as early as the day before. After four p.m. on Thursday, reservations can be made for periods of time throughout the weekend and the following Monday for up to two hour blocks of time per day.

A minimum of two students is required to use any of the medium/large study rooms. At least two students (with valid Cane IDs) must be present when picking up the key to these study rooms.

Without a Reservation

Without an advance reservation, students may check out the key to any free room for up to two hours at a time on a first-come-first-serve basis.

All study room check out and reservations must be done at the Circulation Desk. Only you can make the reservation for yourself. One student may not reserve a room for another student. Reservations can also be made by phone - 305-284-3563.

Rooms are held for up to ten minutes after the reservation time; after that the room will go to the next patron who needs one.

A Cane Card is required to check out a room key. However, another form of I.D. can be used in a pinch.

Only the student for whom that room has been reserved may check out the key for that room at the Circulation Desk.

Do not leave personal items, library books or anything else in the room. We cannot be responsible for personal items left in the rooms. The rooms are in constant use, and there is no time for clean up after each group finishes. Please be considerate of your fellow students.

Do not wait for someone to come up and ask you to leave. Please be considerate of the group after you and return the room key on time.

Return the room key at the Circulation Desk. Do NOT pass it on to the next patron unless he/she presents you with an official Law Library Study Room Eviction Notice with the proper room number, patron name, etc.

Lock the door after you leave.

No smoking and no food are allowed in the study rooms.

The Director of the Law Library may restrict or revoke access to the Library for violations of these policies with or without notice. Formal complaints may be brought before the Honor Council for serious infractions of these policies.

* Study Rooms are only available to University of Miami law students.

** Example: A and B compose a group. A can reserve a room for two hours for the A and B group. B cannot reserve a room for the A and B group on the same day.


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