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The search sites listed here involve internal sites and documents. 
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This page lists the different indices and search engines available at the University of Miami to research and locate documents from the Everglades Litigation collection and from broader resources within the university community.  If you need more information, please contact the site administrator.  Thank you for your interest.  

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rtri.gif (181 bytes)  Litigation Index (database)

This link will take you to the introductory section of the Everglades Litigation Index site. While the University of Miami School of Law Library has in the past made available a portion of this large index (or database), it is not presently accessible as it undergoes certain technical upgrades.  This introduction reviews the history and creation of the index along with detailed explanations of searching techniques.  We hope to make the database available again as soon as possible.

The index contains bibliographic information on documents produced during the discovery proceedings of Everglades related water quality litigation, including United States v. SFWMD (case number USDC 88-1886-CIV-HOEVELER), SWIM challenge lawsuits and other litigation in various fora over a ten year period. Together, these documents constitute one of the largest collections of materials gathered concerning the Everglades.  


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rtri.gif (181 bytes)  Litigation (Case) Matrix

This page explains how to locate cases and the documents, such as pleadings, transcripts, exhibits related to a particular case by placing emphasis on the location of cases within the legal framework. The underlying legal underpinnings of the collection provide a formal and structured way to organize documents and materials.  This section will explain how to locate documents by reviewing the legal cases.

The Litigation matrix has three components:

1    A top menu where you search for cases by the year of filing;
2    A side bar ordered by judicial jurisdiction;
3    A central frame where your results are displayed, it initially lists all cases contained in the collection by combining the first two filters (i.e., year of filing and jurisdiction).

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rtri.gif (181 bytes)  Search the Everglades Litigation collection thru the UM search engine 

UM search engine

This links to the University of Miami search engine, which indexes all pages on our site.  This means that while the search will produce reliable results from materials on our site, it may also include pages outside our site, i.e., University of Miami (including Law School) pages not related to the Everglades Litigation collection.   


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