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This portal presents selections from the University of Miami School of Law Library's extensive collection of legal and scientific materials underlying years of environmental litigation over the Florida Everglades. The cases  contained in this repository collectively constitute one of the  longest and most complex pieces of litigation in the United States. 

The collection contains over one million pages of pleadings, deposition and hearing transcripts, exhibits, scientific data and agency reports; one million microfilm reel frames covering extensive document productions in the federal and state actionsSee our site map for online availability of these materials.      

  Historic Agreement signed

  88-1886 - Several new pleadings and orders are now available online!     
[New documents
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   Judge Moreno's 6/01/05 order requiring special master to hold a hearing on the issue of remedies  and submit a report to the court.  [pleading #1936]   
[742 kb pdf file

S-9 permit case before Supreme Court: South Florida Water  Management District v. Miccosukee, No. 02-626     

  Supreme Court 23-March-04  decision in S-9 permit case [full text 210kb pdf file]  [excerpts html]

  Programmatic Regulations - Final Rule [412 kb pdf file]

  Judge Moreno's Special Master appointment order 
2003 [1mb pdf file]

  Judicial changes in Everglades water quality lawsuit, United States v. SFWMD, No.88-1886 (S.D. Fla.):          


Weisskoff:  A Tale of Two Models: IMPLAN and REMI on the Economics of Everglades Restoration
Part 1Part 2
[PDF files]

  2004 Everglades Consolidated Report

•   Draft Pilot Project Design Report (PPDR) and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for:  Lake Okeechobee ASR Pilot Project Hillsboro ASR Pilot Project Caloosahatchee (C-43) River ASR Pilot Project

Paul F. Foley Missing the  Point with Point-source “Addition” Sematics:...  

Florida to buy Sugar Maker in bid to Restore  Everglades   
24-June-08 NY Times 
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Florida to sign massive Sugar, Everglades deal 24-June-08 AP/msnbc  new.gif (1016 bytes)

In Stock Plan, U.S. Sugar Employees see stacked deck  29-May-08 NY Times  new.gif (1016 bytes)

 Bush vetoes Water Bill citing cost  03-Nov-07 NY Times

   Report of the Special Master [to the Court].  July 5, 2006   
[1.4 mb pdf file

   Appendix A of Report of the Special Master [to the Court].  July 5, 2006.  SFWMD exhibit 74 - chart - "Everglades Water Quality Projects" 
[1.0 mb pdf file


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