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Discussion Groups

Join other interested individuals in penetrating discussions regarding the Everglades and restoration efforts.

  Commons-Everglades - Everglades Information Exchange Discussion List
Informative, timely, and lively discussions about current efforts at Everglades restoration.  To find out more and how to subscribe, send an email to
Type: info commons-everglades in the text of the message, not in the title.

  FL-GENERAL@LIST.AUDUBON.ORG (Audubon discussion list for Florida)
Type: subscribe FL-GENERAL

  Environmental Defense Fund Discussion Groups
EDF Discussion, an open forum for environmental points of view.   Specific questions for EDF membership and public information staff should be directed to

  FICUS Discussion Groups
FICUS is an educational network and discussion forum provided by The Florida Center for Community Design and Research (FCCDR) and member organizations.  The mission of FICUS is to produce a high quality multimedia educational resource and communication forum that assists citizens in the creation of a more sustainable Florida.


Other Links

  Environmental Resources on the World Wide Web
by Flora Shrode
1997 University of Idaho Library. 

  NASA JSC Digital Image Collection
Each Shuttle mission produces 2000 to 5000 photographic images. Over 250,000 images have been captured, digitized, and stored. Learn more about this collection and the JSC digital imaging project. The following are images of South Florida.

Florida Everglades and Keys, USA      nasa2a.gif (2762 bytes)   nasa3a.gif (5386 bytes)   nasa4a.gif (5139 bytes)   nasa5a.gif (5323 bytes) 

nasa6a.gif (4738 bytes)   nasa7a.gif (4693 bytes)   nasa8a.gif (5715 bytes)   nasa9a.gif (4769 bytes)

  The Everglades Economics Program
A University of Miami research and teaching effort which focuses on the interaction of the ecology and economy in South Florida. Our research tools are the latest nationally-available computer models, adapted and modified for the 16 counties that cover the greater Everglades ecosystem, plus our own leg-work, on-site observation, and common sense.


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Everglades photograph courtesy Philip Greenspun  



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