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Upon completion of the LL.M. degree, some LL.M. students may apply for and be selected by the Dean of the Law School to serve as a Visiting Assistant Professor for one year.

The Office of International Graduate Law Programs is proud that some of our former students have been chosen to serve as Visiting Assistant Professors at University of Miami School of Law.

They include:

Kristina Klykova, LL.M. '13

Read her faculty bio

Stefanie K├╝rpick, LL.M. 2012

Read her faculty bio

Joan Martinez Evora, LL.M./J.D. Transfer 2011

Read his faculty bio

Helga Audunsdottir, LL.M. 2010

Read her faculty bio

Paula Arias, Colombia, LL.M./J.D. Transfer 2009

Read her faculty bio

Sandra Friedrich, LL.M./J.D. Transfer 2008

Read her faculty bio

The application process takes place during the spring semester. For more information, contact