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This lecture series provides an opportunity to learn, debate and share ideas on legal topics in international and comparative law. Miami Law professors and renowned speakers lead the lectures typically attended by faculty, staff, and current LL.M. and J.D. students.

2015 Lectures

April 17, 2015
International Arbitration Institute Lecture
Carolyn Lamm, "Can Process Make Up for Distrust in International Arbitration?"

April 1, 2015
International Arbitration Institute Lecture
Judge Stephen M. Schwebel, “The High Tide of International Adjudication and Arbitration.”

February 26, 2015
Lucinda A. Low, "Exporting the FCPA: The Growth of International Anti-Corruption Standards and Enforcement"

February 19, 2015
Professor Guillermo Cabanellas, "Great Expectations: the International Intellectual Property System"

February 12, 2015
International Arbitration Institute Lecture
Johnny Veeder QC, "What Makes or Unmakes a Place of International Arbitration?"

February 2, 2015
Professor Donald Nicolson, "The Scottish Independence Referendum: A Legal Academic Perspective"

2014 Lectures

February 25, 2014:
Dean Oscar Vilhena Vieira, “Rule of Law in Latin America”

February 11, 2014:
Last Chance for a Two-State Solution? A Conversation with Palestinian Ambassador Maen Rashid Areikat
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2013 Lectures

October 29, 2013:
Professor Claudio Finkelstein, "Recent Developments in International Arbitration in South America (From a Brazilian Perspective)"
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September 24, 2013:
Dr. Elton Skendaj, "Intervention in Syria: Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect"
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April 16, 2013:
Dr. Ramon Mullerat on Corporate Social Responsibility In Time of Economic Crisis: A European Approach
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April 9, 2013:
International Arbitration in Latin America: Recent Developments Discussed by Professor Andrés Jana, Chilean Attorney
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February 28, 2013:
Sylvia Ospina and Rafael Moro, The Launch of Outer Space Law
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February 21, 2013:
Top International Litigator Carolyn Lamm, JD '73, Emerging Issues in Investor-State Arbitration
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2011-2012 Lectures

November 13, 2012:
Professor Albert Jan Van Den Berg – International Investment Arbitrators
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November 6, 2012:
Vanderbilt Professor Ingrid Wuerth on Pinochet's Legacy Reassessed
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October 30, 2012:
Professor Kele Stewart on Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: The Case of Trinidad and Tobago
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September 11, 2012:
Professor Guido Carducci – Recovery of Cultural Property of Illicit Provenance in Private and Public International Law
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April 19, 2012:
Professor Monisha Bajaj – Human Right Education
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March 26, 2012:
Leona Forman - A Personal Journey: UN, the rule of law and Brazil Foundation – promoting social and economic equity
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February 28, 2012:
Panel Discussion moderated by Professor Jan Paulsson with panelists Lucy Reed and Erica Stein – What Does it Mean to be an International Lawyer?
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February 9, 2012:
Michael Frost - Human Rights in Haiti Post-Earthquake
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January 31, 2012:
Pablo T. Spiller: What do lawyers and arbitrators frequently get wrong in expropriation damages and what do they need to learn?
Jan Paulsson: Expropriation damages – A matter of ideology or economic rigor?
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January 30, 2012:
Sandra Babcock - "The Death Penalty: Law, Politics and Morality." (Lecture co-sponsored with the Human Rights Clinic)
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November 17, 2011:
Pablo Rueda – Shifting from Law to the Market: Multi-Institutional Transnational Mobilization in the Campaign of the U’wa People in Colombia (1995-2005)
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November 1, 2011:
Panel Discussion moderated by Albert Jan van den Berg with panelists Jenelle La Chuisa, Rafael Ribeiro and Laura Reich International Arbitration Past, Present and Future
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October 25, 2011:
Dr. Elva Restrepo - Transitional Justice for New Wars: Colombia and Beyond
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September 27, 2011:
Professor Miriam Bitton – Exploring the European Union & U.S. Copyright Policy Under the Lens of the Database Directive
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September 13, 2011:
Jennifer Kirby - "Does Size Matters? Representing International Business Partners in Arbitration"
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August 30, 2011:
Devashish Krishan - "The Meaning of the Term Inverstment"
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