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Career Services

Miami Law boasts a variety of career services to help students, both U.S. and International, reach their professional goals. Our School has a Career Development Office (CDO) with advisors who are former practicing attorneys with a wide range of legal backgrounds. For international students, the Career Development Office even has an International LL.M. advisor who has expertise in counseling this specific group.

Through expert advisors, workshops and events, students become familiar with:

Interviewing – An interview is where the employer evaluates a candidate in person to determine their fit for a particular position. Interviews in China, Iran, Germany, Brazil and the United States are all going to be very different. Each culture has different rules and styles of communication and behavior in an interview setting. If you are interviewing for a job in the United States, you need to learn about “American style” interviewing. Again, the Career Development Office has many services and resources, such as mock interviews, to assist in this area.

Communication Skills – Employers are looking for a variety of characteristics in all potential applicants. They want students who have a skill set that they need, who are motivated, honest, hard-working and take initiative. Most employers want individuals with good communication and interpersonal skills. To be competitive, you need to make sure you hone your written, spoken and reading English skills and make an effort to learn about American business culture.

Job Searching – It is important to understand how different types of employers go about recruiting for their positions, so that you use the most effective methods in your search. These methods may include: campus interviewing, attending career fairs, on-line job listings, internships or networking. Again, the CDO has many services and resources to assist you in learning how to conduct an effective search.

Resumes/Cover Letter Writing – Advisors are available to meet with students and alumni to review resumes and cover letters and talk about career objectives. There are even workshops throughout the year to assist students.

For more information, visit the Career Development Office website.

Career Options

Your LL.M. degree opens a world of opportunity. You can seek employment in your country of origin, in the U.S. or abroad. We offer workshops on relevant job-related issues such as creating resumes, cover letter, networking, etc. In addition, we coordinate a large number of networking events during the course of the year.

Please review the links below to find out more about your career options.

We encourage you to visit the Career Development Office website to learn more about the services and resources offered to our students and graduates.