Using Baron, the Law Library Catalog

What Is Baron?

Baron is the database that tells you which books, periodicals, and electronic resources the Law Library subscribes to or owns. The full text of these materials, cases and statutes cannot be found on Baron. Ask a librarian to help you find them. Baron can be accessed through the web address above, or the Law Library web page or at the public terminals on the Law Library circulation desk or reference desk.

Searching Baron

1. Keyword: Use this approach if you want a particular word somewhere in the item's author, title, or subject headings. When using more than one word you may need to use the connectors "and" or "near." Please see the search help screen at the bottom of the keyword search page for more information. The search can be further limited by the following qualifiers:

  • Language - documents in any language or a specific language
  • By Date - year in which the document was published
  • By Location in the Law Library such as the Treatise Collection or International Collection, etc.
  • By Material Type (monograph, serial or online source)
  • Keyword searches also allow the user to decide how the results should be listed (by relevance, date or in alphabetical order)

2. Title: Searches can be made with one or more words in the title if these words are in the exact order as the words of the title. The first word entered must be the first word of the title. Exceptions are such articles as a, the, la, or el. These words are ignored by the program when they are the first word of a title. They must be entered, however, if they are not the first word of a title.

3. Author: Enter the last name of the author, first, or only the last name. The author of official documents of a country, such as statutes or regulations, is the name of that country. Organizations such as the University of Miami or the United States Congress can also be authors.

4. LC (Library of Congress) Subject Headings: These terms come from a "controlled vocabulary" that has been established by the Library of Congress. If you do not use the appropriate search term, you might not retrieve a list of documents you want. A good way to find the proper term is to conduct a keyword search to find the record of a document on point. Then, click on the subject(s) in the record in blue type to get a list of materials with these subject terms assigned to them.

5. Author/Title: Use this approach to find the titles you need if you only know the last name of the author and one or two words of the title, particularly if both terms are common words that might retrieve too many records. For example, you want a book on procedure by someone named Wright. Enter Wright as the author and procedure for one of the words in the title. This will retrieve the record for the book by Charles Alan Wright, Federal Practice and Procedure.

6. Call Number: This search can be used to find books by their call number. The list of the documents on the screen will tell you what books are on the shelf near the book whose call number was entered.


When using the various approaches to the online catalog, a list titles, or authors, etc., appears on the screen. Click the print in blue type to retrieve the full record (title, author, location, call number, etc. of a document.

Other Information from Baron

Journals A - Z: An alphabetical list of periodicals that are currently being received by the Law Library. This list, which is not part of the online catalog, gives the names of the Anglo American Periodicals which are located in alphabetical order on the second floor, as well as locations and call numbers for periodicals in the tax and international collections.

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Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
Index to Legal Periodicals

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