Foreign Law Resources

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 Starting Points

*Congressional (LexisNexis): Federal legislative history

eCFR (via GPO Access)

Federal Court Finder (Emory)

GPO Access (federal executive, legislative and judicial information)

Legal Information Institute - Wex (Cornell)

Thomas (bills and legislative history) (Submit or review comments on federal regulations in the comment period)

United States Supreme Court (portal for all federal government information on the web)

*Foreign Law Guide: Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World (Reynolds and Flores) - Provides relevant information on sources of foreign law, including complete bibliographic citations to legislation, the existence of English translations whenever possible and selected references to secondary sources in English. This is primarily a guide to official sources and official versions with references, when appropriate, to full texts of legislation and English translations of codes, laws and relevant material.

Nations of the World (Law Library of Congress) - Alphabetical list of countries with links to laws and documents.)

Foreign & International Resources for the Legal Researcher - (Cornell) Country-by-country listing of information on web. Also includes international and regional information.

World Legal Information Institute - List of countries with links to legal material available on the internet.

GlobaLex (NYU) - Guide to researching foreign law

Guide to Researching Foreign Law on the Internet (Harvard) - Guide to resources available in the internet.

Political Database of the Americas (Georgetown) - Links to executive, judicial and legislative information for 35 countries.


Constitute web site that allows for comparison of world constitutions.

International Constitutional Law - Provides constitutional background on many countries as well as an English translation of the constitution and often the constitution in its original language.

Constitutions of the World (Findlaw) - Free sources for the Constitutions of different countries.

 Legislative Information

Government Gazettes Online (University of Michigan) - Attempts to list all online government gazettes and their characteristics. A description of the contents and coverage are included for each gazette.

Global Legal Information Network - From the Library of Congress, some information is available for free, some requires a subscription.

Legislation Online - Legislation from European countries on certain subjects related to human rights (e.g. citizenship, gender, freedom of association).

 Judicial Information

Global Courts - Supreme Court decisions from around the world

KluwerArbitration - This database provides the most extensive collection of judicial opinions and arbitral awards from around the world in the field of international commercial arbitration. It also includes leading Kluwer treatises on international arbitration, articles and primary documents.


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