Reciprocity Policy with Other Law School Career Offices

University of Miami School of Law, under an agreement with ABA approved law schools, will grant reciprocity to third-year students and graduates of other law schools upon request of their law school career services office. Each law school has its own reciprocity policy. As a result, there may be varying restrictions on the services and resources available and access may be limited or suspended during certain times of the year. Reciprocity is granted on a one-to-one basis; University of Miami School of Law seeks the same consideration from the requesting law school. Third year students and alumni can contact the CDO office to arrange reciprocity with other law schools.

UM Students Seeking Reciprocity With Another Law School

Please note the following procedures and conditions relating to University of Miami law students and alumni seeking reciprocity:

  • Links to the reciprocity policies of most law schools are posted on the National Association for Law Placement's (NALP) website. Please refer to this site when making a decision as to which law school a student would like to utilize to assist in his or her job search.
  • Students must send an e-mail to Maria Chisholm at to request reciprocity from another law school. Please include in your e-mail your full name, graduation month/year and the school from which you are requesting reciprocity.
  • A letter requesting reciprocity will be sent by the CDO. The student/alumnus must await response from the school whose services are requested before contacting the school.
  • In the larger metropolitan areas reciprocity may be requested at only one area law school. This applies to New York/New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Reciprocal services generally are available for a period of three months from the date they were granted.
  • No reciprocity is available during the fall recruiting season (mid-summer through late fall).

Non-UM Students Seeking Reciprocity With Miami Law

Please note the following procedures and conditions relating to students/alumni from other law schools seeking reciprocity at University of Miami School of Law:

  • Reciprocity is suspended during the late summer and early fall months (August 1 – November 30) because of on-campus recruiting programs.
  • Requests for reciprocity must be made by a career services official, in writing or by email to Maria Chisholm at The CDO will send a response to the requesting school and copy the student or alumnus. The student/alumnus must bring a copy of the letter when coming to the CDO office.
  • Reciprocal services are generally available for a period of three months from the date they were granted. Services are available during the CDO's regular business hours (10). Please check this website, or contact the CDO for operating hours.
  • Resources available through reciprocity include access to attorney job binders and the career services library. The CDO is not able to extend advising services or access to online job-postings or law clerk postings.
  • Reciprocity is not granted for the following South Florida law schools: Nova Southeastern University School of Law, Florida International University School of Law or St. Thomas University School of Law.


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