Tod Aronovitz

Adjunct Faculty, J.D. Program

Tod Aronovitz is a nationally recognized trial lawyer specializing in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases and has practiced for more than 25 years. Mr. Aronovitz has handled large class action cases and has also represented individuals in complex civil jury trials involving personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, inadequate medical treatment, product liability, unfair or deceptive business practices, or corporate misconduct as well as whistleblowers who come forward to expose corporate or government fraud and misdeeds. Many of his cases have set legal precedents in the State of Florida in the fields of defective products cases, medial malpractice issues, aviation negligence and class action litigation. Mr. Aronovitz is the former president of the Florida Bar and received is J.D. from the University of Miami School of Law. At Miami Law Mr. Aronovitz teaches Professional Responsibility.