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Antonello Colosimo

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Antonello Colosimo

Antonello Colosimo
Visiting Researcher

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Antonello Colosimo has been employed in public service occupying top management positions in Italy over the past 30 years. During his career he has held many public offices in the administrative organization of the Italian State and is currently a Judge at the Court of Auditors as Advisor at the central Division for the control over the management of the State Administrations and at the central division for the control of public companies. He is also Fiscal Judge for the State at the Committee of Rome and a student of Benedetto Conforti, the well-known Professor in International law at University "Federico II" Naples and of the Professor Gian Luigi Tosato, Professor of Law of the European Union at the School of Law of the University "La Sapienza" in Rome.

Professor Colosimo has assisted the Treasury Ministry at the European Union for the social policy and the EFS (European Social Funds) in regards to the contributions to the member States for social aid, retirement and unemployment programs. He has taught Law and Law of international organizations and Public Law at the Italian and international University for 20 years. He has published several books and articles in various magazines. At Miami Law his is teaching European Union Law & Institutions: Responding to the Financial Crisis.