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Thomas Robinson

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Thomas A. Robinson

Thomas A. Robinson
Professor of Law
J.D. 1969, University of California at Los Angeles
B.Litt. 1975, Oxford University

Telephone: 305-284-2495   |   Office: G286

John T. Gaubatz: Teacher, Reformer, Colleague & Friend, 62 U. Miami L. Rev. (forthcoming 2008).

Stop! Are You Sure You Want to Throw Grandpa's Body Away?, 63 U. Miami L. Rev. (forthcoming 2008).

More Understandable [Internal Revenue] Code, co-editor, Tax Analysts Basic One Disc [CD-ROM] (1998).

The Federal Wealth Transfer Taxes-A Requiem? Condensed and reprinted in Paul L. Caron, Grayson M.P. McCouch & Karen C. Burke, FEDERAL WEALTH TRANSFER TAX ANTHOLOGY 51-52 (1998).