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Professor Anthony Alfieri Lectures at UCLA School of Law

Anthony Alfieri

Professor Anthony Alfieri recently gave a lecture “Resistance Songs: Mobilizing the Law and Politics of Community” and participated in a panel on Community Lawyering in Clinical Education at UCLA School of Law. Professor Alfieri, Dean’s Distinguished Scholars, is the Founder and Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Service, and the Founder of the Historic Black Church Program. He teaches civil procedure, ethics, professional liability, public interest law and leadership, social entrepreneurship, and lawyer malpractice and has published more than 70 articles, essays, and editorials on ethics, criminal justice, poverty law, and the legal profession in leading journals and book anthologies.

Professor Caroline Mala Corbin Presents Paper at Yale Law School’s Freedom of Expression Conference

Caroline Mala Corbin

Professor Caroline Mala Corbin presented a draft of her paper, “Speech or Conduct?” at Yale Law School’s Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference. The article addresses the free speech claims of wedding vendors who do not want to provide services to same-sex weddings. She also published a Jurist Op-Ed, Paperwork as a Substantial Religious Burden, which argues that, contrary to the claims of religious nonprofits, filing paperwork in order to obtain a religious exemption is not a substantial burden on religious liberty. Professor Corbin teaches U.S. Constitutional Law I, U.S. Constitutional Law II, First Amendment, the Religion Clauses, and Feminism and the First Amendment. Her scholarship focuses on the First Amendment’s speech and religion clauses, particularly their intersection with equality issues.

Professor Leigh Osofsky Presents Paper on Tax Law

Leigh Osofsky

Professor Leigh Osofsky recently presented a new paper, “Strategic Simplicity and the Tax Law,” at the Law and Society Annual Conference as well as the Junior Tax Scholars Workshop. The paper is a joint work with Josh Blank from NYU and examines strategic simplifications in IRS Publications. Professor Osofsky was also a co-host of the Junior Tax Scholars Workshop. Her research includes tax law, compliance, and policy.